This page contains a timeline of major events in the world of Dir Lifyna. It may include the beginning or end date of a game's plot, events that elucidate the passage of time where it's significant, any specifically dated events, or historical occurrences which are referred to as a certain number of centuries or millennia in the past.

A Note on SpoilersEdit

This timeline's purpose is to list the order of important events, but not spoil dramatic elements.

Any game-specific spoilers are contained in outlined boxes. Next to each such box is the name of the game that the spoiler relates to. To view the hidden text, simply highlight the box's contents with your mouse.


This timeline uses "years ago" (YA) to measure years. Present time is considered to be the time of Battle Goddess 2.[1][2]

  • This is timeline of events happen in Raulbhach continent. -excluding title in other continents-
  • Most dates are approximate. According to Eushully, it is still subject to changes.
Years before BG2 Battle/Princess Series Other Series
655 Battle Goddess Episode-0 (Start) ---
477 Battle Goddess Episode-0 (End) ---
459 --- Meishyoku no Reiki
377~365 --- Madou Koukaku
157 Princess General. ---
148 Princess General 2 ---
in between

Final scene of Battle Goddess Episode-0.

When Celica catches a glimpse of Ekria on horseback.
145 Battle Goddess Verita Start ---
60 (cont.) Tayuuta
19 (cont.) Maid In Bunny
4 (cont.) God Catching Alchemy Meister
3 (cont.) Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister
2 Battle Goddess Verita End ---
1 Battle Goddess / La DEA of Libra ---
Present Battle Goddess 2 ---