Fino's lazy day spent ditching class is interrupted by Cefilia's return to Ete for the first time in five years. He's now officially licensed to enter the Root of Distortion, despite the misgivings of Cefilia and Latiffe about his actual abilities. At the Senal Company, Jinos and Cheryl give Fino the rundown on the services offered around town, as well as a few pointers about the labyrinth itself. Jinos gives Fino his first assignment as a test: retrieve the contents of a box from the east side of the labyrinth's first floor.

Entryway, F01 (Map)Edit

As the tutorial, this section of the game is not particularly threatening, and the story will proceed even if you're forced to flee. Explore, collect some loot, get some combat practice in. You may need to use a potion and/or Fino's knife-throwing skill to get through the sealed-room ambush in room 7, however.

At room 9 you're confronted with a minor block-pushing puzzle; just get the crate onto the magic circle, then investigate the flashing light to finish your trial.

Succeed or fail, Fino eventually ends up at the temple in town, discussing the labyrinth with Zalex. The old hero says that the demonic warping of the labyrinth is growing more severe, and they've yet been unable to capture the demon responsible. There's an increased need for knights to hold the demons back, but at the same time they must be careful to avoid alarming the populace. Fino remains committed to finding the Root of Distortion's greatest treasure, but it looks like he has a lot of growing up to do first...


Chapter 1 - Working Alone >>

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