Sylphya Ruhans
Japanese シルフィア・ルーハンス
Romanization shirufia/ru-hansu
Sylphya Ruhans profile
(c) Eushully
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Holy Knight
Affiliation Menfil Kingdom
World Dir Lifyna
Appeared in Princess General, Princess General 2, Battle Goddess VERITA
Sylphya was a Holy Knight, serving the War God Marsterria. One of the main characters of Princess General II. Later, dye to certain chain of events, she left her service as Marsterria's church Holy Knight (in fact, she was excommunicated), and became pregnant with Louie Marshrun's son (Lypfia's father).

Several years later, in Battle Goddess VERITA, as the pope of Marsterria Church passed away, Kineriusu (キネリウス) the Third took the place as the new pope. As a first order of business, Kineriusu gave Luna=Clear 3 tasks to prove her worthy of being a saint, one of which was to reclaim apostle status from Sylphya. Despite she was well aware of what's going to happen, Sylphya never showed any sign of fear or regrets about her choices. Luna unhappily completed her task, depriving Sylphya of Marsterria's powers. And, since Sylphya actually outlived her normal human's lifespan long ago, she turned into sheaf of light particles along with her holy powers, and vanished from the world of living.

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