The Stranded Otherworld Princess (漂着した異界の姫) is a boss character that appears when the player spends too many turns on a map.

Appearance Edit

In boss form she has the appearance of a girl with long purple hair and wearing bondage gear riding on the backs of 4 masked humanoids chained together. Two 4 speaker boxes are carried by her mount, one on each side.

When she has been defeated and joins your army, she no longer has a mount and instead carries a microphone stand.

Stranded Otherworld Princess Unit Combat Picture and Icon

As both an enemy and a unit under your control, she apparently attacks using sonic waves/sound.

Description Edit

From an ancient race of humans, wandering between the worlds. Having become a death god, it attacks all living things.

Stats Edit

No. Name Lv HP SP FS Align P.Atk P.Def M.Atk M.Def Spd Luck Mana Mov Wpn. Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Drops 1 Drop 2 Drop 3 Drop 4
171 漂着した異界の姫/ BOSS 40 126 48 42 Holy
37 25 25 20 22 17 52 4 Numbing Whip
Otherworld Heavy Instrument
Avera's Judgment
Stone of Judgement
裁きの鱗石 (guaranteed)

Tactics Edit

With a base level of 40 and high damage plus holy armor she is quite a formidable enemy. With Holy armor she is weak against Darkness attacks, so characters equipped with a Dark Magic Book can do high damage to her. Oktavia's Magic Barrier passive skill also has a chance to cut damage received from this boss by half.

Notes Edit

  • This enemy can join your army as a unit once you defeat her.
  • This unit can be resummoned using 220 CP once you defeat her 1 time.
  • After you beat her, you can H-Magic her for +1 Magic Attack (魔攻) to Lily, and still have the option of summoning her later for CP.