Seravarwi Endos
Japanese セラヴァルウィ エンドース
Romanization serabaruwi endoosu
Serawi profile
(c) Eushully
Race Elf
Sex Female
Class Archer
World Dir Lifyna
Appeared in God Catching Alchemy Meister
Seravarwi Endos (or "Serawi", as her friends call her) is an elven archer investigating the effects of Yuidra's pollution on the local environment.

She has difficulty around town due to her distinctive appearance - most of the craftsmen have never seen an elf before - and consequently spends more time outside the city walls. However, when Will, Yuella, and Emiritta are cornered by the mysterious reaper while gathering supplies in the forest, Serawi intervenes, in all likelihood saving their lives. Afterward, Will invites her to work with him at his shop, which she readily accepts.

As an elf, Serawi has a deep affinity with nature and spirits, and is able to teach Will how to put that knowledge to use in the workshop.

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