With this Lancer's Power, I will slay Demons, All Demons
- Rita Semih

Rita Semih is the ghost of a village girl who lived near the Forest of Dorabna, as her title stated she is the "Cursed Girl of Dorabna". She wears gothic-style clothes, has a calm personality and a spiritual body with silvery hair that extends to the waist. She is one of the few people that knew Celica before he got goddess´s body.


During Battle Goddess Zero, Kaya and Celica Sylphil went to Forest of Dorabna to investigate strange things happening there. They found ghost of a girl who hunts the area. After defeating her they found out that the ghost was possessed by the Demon Spear. Kaya sealed her and the spear together so that one day Rita would be strong enough to overcome the spear's curse.

After Celica became Godslayer, during his travel he once again visit Forest of Dorabna, Celica heared a girl voice calling him. So he followed the voice to the place where he met Rita before. Rita, now gained full control over the spear, asked Celica to fought her seriously again to demonstrate her newfound power to Celica. Celica won once again and complimented her spear's skill. The two then formed a pact, which made her become Celica's familiar.

After Celica's party got disbanded in the end of Zero, Rita joined with Naberius as guardian of "Gate of Underworld". She also worked together with Naberius and Ekria to rescued Celica from God' Graveyard in Verita. From time to time, she and Naberius visits Celica in Rewinia when their boss Thanatos is asleep.

While Rita is calm and cool most of the time. She also has a very childish side such as love sweets, get distracted by stores in town, want to get spoiled by Celica, or has a great dislike for centipede.


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