Rimju is an aspiring minstrel and visitor to the town of Ete.

She is introduced to Fino as a friend of Cheryl's from out of town.  She claims to have come to observe the dances and songs performed at Ete's festivals, hoping to one day become a renowned performer herself and inspire people everywhere.  In reality, despite being fast on her feet and quick-witted, Rimju has very little confidence in her own abilities either as a performer or an explorer.  Intending to take a shortcut by purchasing a magical artifact that will grant her the skill she feels she lacks, Rimju secretly launches a string of burglaries across the town, as well as sneaking into the labyrinth unauthorized to look for additional treasure. 

Rimju has an almost boyish demeanor and seems to have adopted Fino as a sort of big-brother-figure/role-model.  She gives little thought to the consequences of her actions, but quickly becomes ashamed of herself when forced to confront them.