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How to get to Medal Exchange (Night Time)? Edit

  • Koridora will trade you ability/God medal, but only at night time.
  • Night time exchange can only be access when you have a night event. (normally happen when you continue the main story)
  • The inventory at night time is different from when its day time.
  • This is the only time you can buy: Keys, Tools, Movement skills, etc (other than from completion)

How do get the Key for Treasure Chest? Edit

Silver Chest Key:

  • The key for silver chest(A002) can be bought from Medal Exchange center at Night only (after chapter 2).
  • Silver key medal can be gain from Nekoru's 4th book.

Golden Chest Key (Red Chest?):

  • Golden Chest Key(A003) can be bought from Exchange center at Night.
  • Golden Key can be gain by cutting all the weed in ガリニス樹海 map (Galnis Great Trees in Galnis Woodlands in Chapter 7).

How do I defeat the Flame Demon? Edit

After clearing ホノグ山火口部 map in chapter 7, there is an option to choose talk to Riwo The Demon or not. If you choose to talk to her, then it will lead you to an extra battle. Riwo will most like destroy you party in the first game play.

But to defeat her easily, first must have recruited Guardian Tree (ガリニスの守護樹) equipped with HP Recover+ (P009), Mystoria Support(C041) and recommend to add Healing Wind(S170) on one of the 3 main character or more HP Recover(P008) on Guardian Tree or even Anti-Counter(P021).

At the start of the battle move all 3 unit to the bottom right side of the map (right of starting point) and summon Guardian Tree. Riwo will attack the tree, and he should be able to tank her, Mistoria attack then Tree attack. Heal or Stop attack to recover tree hp.