Sir Ranzov is a member of the Rewinian knights, serving under General Levia.

Calculating and ambitious, he chafes at being forced to follow the orders of a woman; he feels that he would be a far better choice of leader, not least because it would further his political career. He has a faction of loyal followers within the knighthood who hold similar views; during the mission to the Milphe region, it is this faction who are most prone to stirring up trouble with the local populace.

As the White Dragon Knights work their way deeper into the Cadora Mine, Ranzov launches a plot to seize control of the unit. Ensuring that his cronies are near the vanguard, he has them rearm traps as they pass them, taking a gradual toll on the men loyal to Levia and delaying Celica's progress behind them. When he feels that the resistance has been sufficiently reduced, he drops all pretense of loyalty and enters open combat with his fellow Rewinians. With the advantage of surprise, his men quickly decimate the other White Dragons and capture Levia.

Rather than kill Levia quickly and make a swift escape, the traitors opt to humiliate her first, taking turns raping her there in the tunnels. This delay allows Celica to catch up while Levia is still alive, and the Godslayer makes short work of all of Ranzov's underlings. Ranzov himself begs for his life, first attempting to bribe Celica with promises of money or women, then threatening him with dire consequences from the rest of the aristocracy. Celica responds by hamstringing Ranzov's legs, crippling him; he then takes Levia and leaves for safety, leaving the helpless knight to be killed by the demons of the labyrinth.


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