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Spells Edit

Name En Name Description Mana Exp Rank
闇の治療 Dark Healing Recover HP and FS by 50% 10 2 E
淨化 Purify Removes bad status Varies 1 D1
強制送還 Force Retreat Lets you remove one of your units from the map regardless of where they are 8 1 C
兵士転移 Teleport Units Teleport one of your units to any space you control 30 6 B
暗黒槍 Dark Lance Reduce 1 non-boss unit to 1 HP 50 10 A
N/A Reduce all MP Consumption by half N/A N/A S
邪神招聘 Summon Evil Reduce all non-Boss units hp to 1hp (includes your own team) 100 N/A M

You cannot cast Dark Lance on units that only have 1 HP.

Summon Evil actual cost is 200 mana (4 times of Dark Lance), but will only cost 100 mana when you get it due to the effect of Rank S Magic

Leveling Edit

Rank Exp needed for next rank
E 20
D 50
C 100
B 150
A 200
S 400
M -
  • Casting spells that costs multiples of 5 mana are the most efficient way to level. Using Force retreat (強制送還) costs 8 mana, but you only gain 1 XP per cast, so it is not recommended.
  • Another method for leveling is to go to a stage with status-damaging areas (eg. bubbling water in 02-01). Purifying the bad status will give 1 XP for 2 mana cost. Keep stepping on these areas and Purifying and your Rank will rise very quickly.
  • If you are not doing a Law personality route, you can get plenty of mana to train up your magic by capturing and sacrificing Putettos in the free replay training stages such as 00-02.

Notes Edit

  1. Purify only requires rank E to use in the trial version of the game. In the full release it requires rank D.