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Usable items Edit

Consumption Items Edit

# Name Type En Name Rank Effect
001 橙色の木の実 Consume Orange Nut E Recover 5 HP
002 緑色の木の実 Consume Green Nut E Recover 5 SP
003 黄色の木の実 Consume Yellow Nut E Recover 5 FS
004 白色の花 Consume White Flower E Recover 10 HP
005 手作り弁当 Consume Hand-made Bento E Recover 10 HP, SP, FS
006 治癒の水・小 Consume Water of Healing (Small) E Recover 30 HP
007 治癒の水・大 Consume Water of Healing (Large) D Recover 100 HP
008 闘技の水 Consume Water of Gladiating D Recover 30 SP
009 勇壮の水 Consume Water of Courage D Recover 30 FS
010 イーリュンの息吹 Consume Breath of Iryun ? B HP, SP, and FS Fully Recovered
011 血廉の癒手 Consume A Recover 50 mana.
012 麻痺治療の香 Consume Paralyze-recover incense E

Cure Paralyze (麻痺). Cannot cure the above status caused by equipment.

013 精神安定の葉 Consume Leaf of mental stability E

Cure "Confuse/混乱", "Charm/魅了" and "Terror/恐怖". Cannot cure the above status caused by equipment.

014 解毒の薬草 Consume Antidote Herb E

Cure "Poison/猛毒". Cannot cure the above status caused by equipment.

015 破術の呪札 Consume Curse Charm C Cure "Curse"/呪い
016 ナスラーメン Consume A パラメータ全回復 何故かその後ピリピリする

Stat-boosting Items Edit

note: a number of stat-boosting items are also synthesis ingredients for some high rank equipment, so it might be a good idea to save some of them

# Name Type En Name Rank Effect Acquisition Ingredient for
017 木星石 Growth Jupiter Stone E Increase maximum HP by 1. ディアドラ/10-1 BOSS(E)
サーペント/BOSS (02-01, B)
018 月星石 Growth Moon Stone D Increase maximum SP by 1. グロティナ(D)
019 太陽石 Growth Sun Stone C Increase maximum FS by 1. キマイラ/EX(C)
020 火星石 Growth Mars Stone S Increase "Physical Attack/物理攻撃" by 1. アマゾネス/EX
021 海王石 Growth Neptune Stone A Increase "Physical Defense/物理防御" by 1.
022 天王石 Growth Uranus Stone B Increase Speed by 1 02-06
023 水星石 Growth Mercury Stone S Increase Magic Attack by 1
024 冥王石 Growth Pluto Stone A Increase "Magic Defense/魔法防御" by 1.
025 金星石 Growth Venus Stone M increase "luck/運" by 1. 財宝プテテット(B)
026 七星石 Growth Seven Stars Stone M Increase maximum mana in battle by 5.

Other itemsEdit

# Name Type En Name Rank Effect Acquisition
001 銅の鍵 Important Bronze key E Bronze Door/銅の扉 is now unlockable. From defeating Zombie Dragon in 06-03
002 白銀の鍵 Important C Silver Door is now unlockable craft
003 黄金の鍵 Important A Gold Door is now unlockable craft
004 姫の呪輪 Important E Can brainwash Princess Sylphine
005 使用人の呪輪 Important E Can brainwash Vidal and Sassoone
006 騎士の呪輪 Important E Can brainwash Princess Estelle
007 妖精の呪輪 Important E Can brainwash Tiofania
008 神官の呪輪 Important E Can brainwash Nelly
009 獣人の呪輪 Important E Can brainwash Femme
010 魂魄の囁き Important A Can go to EX-03 「寂れた玉宮殿」
011 機械仕掛けの道標 Important A Can go to EX-05 「歯車回路」
012 大精霊の囁き Important A Can go to EX-07 「精霊領域レラ」
013 封印の呪縛陣 Important Seal of Restriction D A magical device given by Deirdre.
014 脂燃薬 Important Body-Slimming Medicine C Girls' dream medicine...
015 マタタビの媚薬 Important D Use this on Lily. Synthesize (Class D)
016 悪魔の像 Important Devil's Statue D Statue filled with magical power. Defeat Bridget in 03-03
017 淫靡な香水 Important Alluring Perfume C Perfume with undesirable side-effect... Secret room in 5-1 for

Tsundere Lily (Law) training.

018 プテテットの体液 Important Putetetto's Fluid C Body Fluid of Putetetto... From chest 00-02 that appears when Lily is in Tsundere Adolescent Lily form.
019 大きな貝殻 Important B 殻に引き籠ったアンキロセラス 敵意はなさそうだ……
020 濃緑色の原石 Important Dark Green Mineral A This stone projects the image of the undead king... From 06-03, for Tsundere Lily (Chaos) training.
021 美麗な王装束 Important Beautiful Royal Dress A Gorgeous wear for royal families. Secret room in 5-4 for Adult Lily (Law) training.
022 濃紫色の原石 Important Deep Purple Mineral A This stone projects the image of the demon beast of hell... For Adult Lily (Chaos) training.
023 枯れた花 Important Withered Flower E A lifeless, withered flower. Synthesize (Class E)
024 水鳥草 Important E Give this item to "Sylphine/シルフィーヌ" in the EVENT to increase "LAW/ロウ" value. Synthesize (Class E)
025 紅蓮花 Important Red Lotus Flower D Flower with red leaves and stems. Synthesize (Class D)
026 聖桜花 Important C 過酷な環境で育つとされる希少な薄桃色の花
027 清浄草 Important C Give this item to "Sassoone and Vidal/サスーヌ & ヴィダル" after 02-06 to increase "LAW/ロウ" value. Pick it up in 2-06 before Sassoone or Vidal picks it up.
028 鬼族戦士の喚石 Important Summon Stone - Orc E Can summon Orc (オーク) during intermission. Defeating Orc in 01-01
029 石像兵の喚石 Important Summon Stone - Gargoyle E Can summon Gargoyle (ガーゴイル) during intermission. Contract/Sacrifice 3 Gargoyles
030 鳥娘の喚石 Important Summon Stone - Harpuia E Can summon Harpuia (ハルピュア) during intermission. Contract/Sacrifice 5 Harpuia
031 水精の喚石 Important Summon Stone - Water Spirit E Can summon Water Spirit (水精) during intermission. Contract/Sacrifice 5 Water Spirits
032 蜥蜴人の喚石 Important Summon Stone - Lizardman E Can summon Lizard Mole (リザードモール) during intermission. Defeat Femme in 02-01 and choose Ally (top choice)
033 火精の喚石 Important Summon Stone - Fire Spirit E Can summon Firam (ファラム) during intermission. Contract/Sacrifice X Firam
034 睡魔の喚石 Important Summon Stone - Succubus E Can summon Martel (マーテル) during intermission. Contract/Sacrifice X Martels
035 人狼の喚石 Important Summon Stone - Werewolf E Can summon Werewolf (ヴェアヴォルフ) during intermission. Contract/Sacrifice 10 Werewolves or get from Femme.
036 地精の喚石 Important Summon Stone - Earth Spirit E Can summon Earthman (アースマン) during intermission Contract/Sacrifice X Earthmen
037 石巨人の喚石 Important C Can summon 石巨人ストーンゴーレム
038 女戦士の喚石 Important C Can summon 女戦士アマゾネス        
039 第八位天使の喚石 Important Summon Stone - 8th Ranked Angel C Can summon (天使アプサエル) during intermission. Contract/Sacrifice 7 天使アプサエル.
040 神官の喚石 Important C Can summon 神官を
041 木精の喚石 Important C Can summon 木精ユイチリ
042 蛇女の喚石 Important C Can summon 蛇女ラミア
043 Important
044 飛天魔の喚石 Important B Can summon 飛天魔ラウマカール
045 歪魔の喚石 Important B Can summon 歪魔プローヴァ
046 第六位天使の喚石 Important B Can summon 天使ヘルテ
047 Important
048 戦姫の喚石 Important A Can summon 戦姫アセンブリア
049 Important
050 蒼魔神の喚石 Important S Can summon 魔神ラテンニール
051 焔魔神の喚石 Important S Can summon 魔神ハルファス
052 白魔王の喚石 Important M Can summon 魔王モーヌ
053 異界姫の喚石 Important A Can summon 漂着した異界の姫
054 魔人の喚石 Important A Can summon 魔人ヒューリー
055 死王の喚石 Important A Can summon 使徒の死王
056 地獄獅子の喚石 Important A Can summon 地獄獅子ケルベロス
057 秘密コスチューム Important Secret Costume A 使い魔の迷宮画面での衣装を変更することが可能 Beat Stage EX-10 (Bonus Disc only)
058 蜥蜴姫撃破の証 Important Proof of the Lizard Princess' Defeat M 圧倒的な力を持つ蜥蜴姫ファムを撃破した証 Defeat Femme in 02-01 and choose Ally (top choice)  
059 姫騎士撃破の証 Important Proof of the Knight Princess' Defeat M 圧倒的な力を持つ姫騎士エステルを撃破した証 Defeat Estelle in 02-02 in a single combat round
060 異界姫撃破の証 Important M 圧倒的な力を持つ異界の姫を撃破した証
061 暴走術師撃破の証 Important M 様々な力を手に入れたディアドラを倒した証
062 Important
063 Important
064 Important
065 G撃破の証 Important Proof of the Roach King's Defeat M 圧倒的な硬さと回避を持つGを撃破した証 Defeat King G in Stage EX-10 in combat (Bonus Disc only)
066 ブロンズコイン Important Bronze Coin E This item is needed to re-visit certain dungeons and/or journey to extra dungeons. Most early dungeons contain one per stage.
Can be found from random cards.
Dropped by Treasure Putetto.
067 シルバーコイン Important Silver Coin C This item is needed to re-visit certain dungeons and/or journey to extra dungeons. Can be found in dungeons in certain spots.
Can be found from random cards.
Dropped by Treasure Putetto.
Synthesize from 5x bronze coins (Class B).
068 ゴールドコイン Important Gold Coin A This item is needed to re-visit certain dungeons and/or journey to extra dungeons.

Dropped by Treasure Putetto.

Treasure Box at 3-04
Synthesize from 3x silver coins (Class A).