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Window Menu Edit

Game (G) Screen Capture (C) Message (M) Option (O)
Exit (X) - shortcut <ESC>
  • Exit game (E)
  • Title screen (T)
Take screenshot (S)
Pick screenshot folder (P)
Message skip (S)
Skip read messages (R)
Hide message window (H)
Auto-message (A)
Message settings (M)
Window display (W)
Fullscreen (F)
Windowed (W)
Sound settings (S)
Misc settings (X)

Settings dialogue Edit

  1. Message tab
    • Text display speed
    • Message window transparency
    • Auto mode wait
      • When voice is playing
      • When there's no voice
    • Anti-alias on the font
  2. Sound tab
    • Volumn (Main volume / BGM / Sfx / Voice)
    • Reduce BGM volume when voice is speaking
  3. Misc
    • Skip screen effect upon press of any key
  4. Computer environment
    • Software
      • OS
      • DirectX
    • Hardware
      • CPU
      • Main memory / Video memory
      • Drive space
        • Installation drive
        • Windows drive
    • Copy to clipboard

The bottom left button displays the game's version info.

Title Screen Edit

Once you launch the game, the title screen has the following options:

  • Game Start
  • Data Load
  • Eushully-chan Room (aka Omake mode)
  • Option
  • Exit

Game Start Edit

Upon starting a new game, you'll first be presented with the following options:

Initial Diffculty Easy / Normal / Hard
Succession allows units to carry over stats from previously cleared game or start from scratch. Emilio's stats (Mana) Initialize / Carry over
Lily's Stats Initialize / Carry over
Other Units' Stats Initialize / Carry over
Item's Initialize / Carry over
Lily's Skill's Initialize / Carry over
Synthesis Lv Initialize / Carry over
Crafting Lv Initialize / Carry over
Magic Lv Initialize / Carry over
Map Exploration Initialize / Carry over
Extra extra settings available only after clearing the game once Start Lily at Loli / Adolescent / Adult
Starting Alignment Carry over / Initialize / Law / Chaos
Enemy Level Limit Normal / No Limit
Gamestart Start the game

Data Load Edit

The game has a total of 200 manual save slots (numbered 000 to 199), and 5 auto save slots. You can browse through pages of save slots through the left and right arrows on the screen or your keyboard, or jump to any specific page via the shortcuts on the bottom of the screen (next to 195 is the "auto" page).

The lower right corner buttons are:

Load Delete Move Copy
Exit load screen

Thus the load screen also acts as a general savefile manager.

BTW, the save screen also functions similarily, with the only difference being the "Load" button becomes the "Save" button.

Eushully-chan Room Edit

This is where the CG, Scene Memory, BGM Music and Information modes are located.

Option Edit

Confirmation message Save/Load On/Off
Others On/Off
Battle Animation On/Off
Dungeon Animation On/Off
Auto-Move cursor On/Off
When controlling key points, display option to "Wait/Return" On/Off
Auto end turn when all your units have acted On/Off
Auto select usable unit On/Off
Scroll viewpoint to next unit (vs jump to) On/Off
Navigation when Dungeon Neutral(Dungeon Popup when Idle) On/Off
Navigation Message On/Off
Message Window transparency light <-> dark
Message speed slow <-> fast
Auto-play page wait Normal short <-> long
Voiced short <-> long
Volume Main (Play) On/Off - <-> +
BGM (Play) On/Off - <-> +
Sfx (Play) On/Off - <-> +
Voice (Play) On/Off - <-> +

Lily (Play) On/Off
 ????? (Play) On/Off
 ????? (Play) On/Off
 ????? (Play) On/Off
 ????? (Play) On/Off
 ????? (Play) On/Off
 ????? (Play) On/Off
 ????? (Play) On/Off
 ????? (Play) On/Off
 ????? (Play) On/Off
 ????? (Play) On/Off
 ????? (Play) On/Off
Others (Play) On/Off
(Default settings) (Ok)

ADV interface Edit

Message window controls Edit

The message window has 5 buttons:

  • < - opens the message history/log interface
  • > - auto-play message
  • >> - message skip
  • >>| - skip already-read messages
  • X - hide message window

Message history/log Edit

The message log can be opened by clicking on the < button from the message window, scrolling up with the scroll wheel, or pressing the "Page Up" key on the keyboard. It shares the same background transparency as the Message window.

The message log can be closed by click on the X button, or simply right click anywhere in the game.

ADV Menu Edit

From the ADV Message window state, right clicking anywhere in the game opens up the ADV menu, with four main buttons:

Character Menu Info System Close

Naming your Servant Demon Edit

While the Servant Demon has a default name according to the official website, the game allows you to give her any name up to 8 characters.

Hiragana characters
Katagana characters
English letters
Numbers (various styles)
Keyboard input (full-byte characters only)
Default name (リリィ) (Space) (<-) (->) (Backspace) (OK)