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Overview Edit

  • Requires: 10-01S, Lily's loli or adult chaos route
  • Objectives
    • Victory
      • Destroy the Demon King's Heart
    • Defeat
      • Your Base gets taken over
      • Lily dies
      • Turn 80
  • Followup
    • None, last stage.

Description Edit

The Maou's body has been released, and consumed the weak human Emilio form. Without a mind to control it, the body grows to huge proportions, and it's up to Lily to take it down and rescue her beloved Maou-sama.

Because Maou Emilio is no longer conscious, both Training and H-Magic are deactivated. Lily gained some of his powers, though, so sorcery is still available.

Clear rewards Edit

Clear rewards (Clear Points and Base Mana) depend on the occupation ratio and the number of turns. Some magic cards may offer 5, 10, or 15 extra Clear Points.

~32turns 33~59 turns 60~80 turns
100% 84 CP, 14 BM 72 CP, 12 BM 42 CP, 7 BM
81~99% 72 CP, 12 BM 60 CP, 10 BM 30 CP, 5 BM
~80% 60 CP, 10 BM 48 CP, 8 BM 18 CP, 3 BM

Map notesEdit

Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister-10-02 map

Level map, click to enlarge

The objective here is to defeat both hands, which opens up the doors north, leading to the head. With the head gone, the area beyond the yellow line opens up, and an evil Lily Twin spawns. Defeating it opens the path to the heart.

The "P"-markers on the map denote medium mana pillars, initially held by monsters.

  • Enemy notes
    • Left Hand
      • Fire-aligned, has Pierce and Berserk. Attacks with Fire, reaches whole room. (84 - 焔衝剛拳)
    • Right Hand
      • Lightning-aligned, has Insight and Pierce. Can reach every square in its room with 'Large Discharge' (120 - 大放電).
    • Head
    • Shadow Lily
    • Heart
      • Does not attack by itself, has only one melee attack, _but_ it has Godly alignment, Magical Barrier, Regenerate and its melee attack drains HP and heals the heart.
      • Your best bet is to surround it with units, and keep attacking every single turn, whittling it's HP down slowly.
      • Best use elemental, non-magic, ranged attacks - Estelle's Water Blade works well.
      • Use fast ranged attackers - even if they don't do much damage, a bunch of 3 attacks each round for 1 HP each will work, in time.
      • Last but not least - the heart's drain does not seem to work on Undead. So equip your strongest melee units with Corpse Shields, or use 使徒の死王 to attack it.
  • Treasures and Chests
    • The heart drops either Devil's or God's Divine Beads, which are needed for the strongest synthesis products and carry over to the next playthrough made afterwards.