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Description Edit

The final showdown with Diadora.Once you start this mission you reach the point of no return. You can no longer visit other stages or change Lily's age. Depending on your choices in the event stage after after 8-2, this may be the last stage. If you've chosen the harem route, or if you did not fulfill the requirements for any ending other than the Bad Ending, this will also be the last stage.

Overview Edit

  • Objectives
    • Victory
      • Defeat the rampaging Diadora
    • Defeat
      • Your base is overrun.
      • 100 turns pass.

Clear Rewards Edit

  • 13 - 17 turns turns 100% = 84 CP 14 FS
  • 31 turns, 100%, 研究のカード・小 x1 = 89 CP 14 FS

Map notes Edit

The enemies initially on the map are

No. Name Qty. Align Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4
32 Diadora/10-1 BOSS
ディアドラ/10-1 BOSS
1 Darkness
33 Diadora's Shadow/9-2 BOSS
ディアドラ's Shadow/9-2 BOSS
4 (appear after entering Diadora's room) Darkness
089 Stone Golem
7 Earth
141 Warrior's Spirit
3 Spirit
151 Raumacarl/BOSS
3 Darkness
158 Chimera 7 Omni

  • There are a large number of monster vortexes (10) in Diadora's room, and one more vortex in the room to the North. Fortunately, the spawn rate is quite slow.
  • 4x Diadora's Shadows (in the red boxes) appear when your units first enter her room. They give no XP when killed and are Boss type creatures.

The treasures from Leftmost to Rightmost are:

  • Room South of your base
    • Wood Star Stone(Left)
    • Fire Star Stone(Middle)
    • Large Healing Water(Right)
  • Chest in the secret room
    • Fluid of Creation
  • Room with 3 treasures in a vertical line
    • Water of Combat Skill(Top)
    • Water of Bravery(Middle)
    • Small Healing Water(Bottom)
  • Chest in the North-East
    • Holy Magic Book
  • Lots of Chimera and Raumacarl provide another chance to farm rare material, especially Gold Pieces and Darkness Crystals.

10-01 Map

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