This map will be different of all maps you've ever played (maybe similar to Femme's 02-05). Because

You will be alone... - emo moment -

That is not the point, by the way,

The point is that is really, lots of monster portals, and one little Sylphine, character with a "I-wont-defeat-them" level and build written in her face.

You need to be the fastest guy, or girl (not that it matters) in the room.

Guide Edit

you wont make it, kill yourself.

stop trying the impossible.

First, go west, then go down, at the southwest corner of the map, and, don't stay still there.

By the way. Do not engage enemies, Sylphine have no time to fight 1 Quimera and wait for other 15 on a queue. (she wont be able to move)

You will have this 3x3 square, go there.

room room room
room room room
room room here

Sylphine, who has the ability to pass walls, can go down, and there is where you are sending her.
Ignore all treasures, maybe you get them later.

After going down, make your way through 5 rooms till you can go no more to the left.

Then go to the north room, and then east room. Keep following this path and you should find Emilio.

Press the switch (on the pillar) and free him.

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