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16 turns, Map 98%, Bonus Card "Big" Clear = 15 >> Clear Points 87 and Max Mana ?

Well, well, well. Here we are. Sylphine's route.
There are lots of differences between this 09-01S and that 09-01.

First of all. Those damn maids are still alive (your fault by the way) and stronger, I think.

Second. This is a complicated stage, be carefull.

Third. Watch out for Lamia attacks, I lost some units to her.

Forth and last. Save before starting the stage, and when you are almost about to finish it.

9~32 turns 33~ turns
100% 84 CP, 14 BM 72 CP, 12 BM
71% 18 CP, 2 BM

Objectives Edit


  • Defeat the maids


  • Your base is overrun.
  • 80 turn pass.

Treasures And Secret Rooms Edit

First: The room down the first recovery place(right of your castle).

Second: Two rooms to the left of the second recovery place(left of the enemy castle). -> it is on the left (the third room)

Guide Edit

Ok, this will suck if you dont go fast, still, do not forget to save before. If your units are not strong enough, you have the save to train them a little more.

There are 3 yellow pillars. South, East and West. If any enemy touches the pillar, you start to lose some control of the room until you recover the control of the pillar. (looks like someone's entering the room)

You need some fast units, like Colette and Femme to get control first. Use the Re-move of Colette, it helps. Behind Colette and Femme, you should put some strong units to clean the way.

When you finish this map, prepare you're self (in a mental and physical way).

The next map, will be different of all maps you've ever played (maybe similar to Femme's 02-05). Because you'll play Sylphine alone, get some potions.

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