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Overview Edit

  • Requires: Estelle's Route
  • Objectives
    • Victory
      • Defeat Estelle
    • Defeat
      • Your Base gets taken over
      • Turn 60

Description Edit

Well, we have to fight again Estelle, because she's brainwashed by Diadora.

Clear rewards Edit

Clear rewards (Clear Points and Base Mana) depend on the occupation ratio and the number of turns. Some magic cards may offer 5, 10, or 15 extra Clear Points.

20 turns
100% 67 CP, 14 BM

Map notesEdit

Well, if you defeat Estelle, she return at her base, so it's not that easy

There is one secret room, at the 4th room. At the end, there is a Greater Demon, and a chest with a Pearl Steel. You have to go at the path behind the blue base, there is a Greater Demon, and a Wraith (boss), then you can defeat Estelle.

The next stage is 09-02 : Palace of Leeches.

Enemies Edit

Name En name Lv Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4
エステル Estelle 46 Sword, 90% accuracy Devil Slayer Double attack Water Blade
ラミア Lamia 44 Linked Sword, 90% accuracy Heat Resistant Coil Chain Fire Bullet
グレーターデーモン Greater Demon 44 Axe, 90% accuracy Flight Arm Cutter Hell Shock
吸魂霊 Wraith 44 Darkness Claw, 90% accuracy Teleport Hiding Spirit Resistance

enemy stats are random. the below are some samples to provide a general idea

Easy mode enemy stats Edit

Lv HP SP FS Atk Def Mag Mdf Spd Luck Mana Mov Alignment
46 159 39 46 35 16 0 14 24 10 15 2 Omni
Lv HP SP FS Atk Def Mag Mdf Spd Luck Mana Mov Alignment
44 44 34 32 18 16 27 21 17 6 18 3 Fire
Greater Demon
Lv HP SP FS Atk Def Mag Mdf Spd Luck Mana Mov Alignment
44 114 32 33 27 16 22 15 16 8 22 3 Dark
Lv HP SP FS Atk Def Mag Mdf Spd Luck Mana Mov Alignment
44 27 0 22 22 33 0 4 14 4 14 3 Spirit

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