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Description Edit

Note: Depending on your route and your choice during event after 08-02 you can get different maps for 09-X and 10-X stages, this one is the most common 09-01, located at coords B430-B450 on the right side of minimap. You will get it for Lily, Colette, Bridget, Femme, Harem and Bad End routes.

The most numerous enemies on this stage are Firame ファラム and Lamia ラミア, both of which use fire based attacks. There is some lava terrain but it isn't too much of an obstacle. Some demons and spirits await at the end of the stage.

Clear rewards Edit

Clear rewards (Clear Points and Base Mana) depend on the occupation ratio and the number of turns. Some magic cards may offer extra Clear Points.

1~32 turns 33~59 turns 60~79 turns
100% 50 CP, 14 BM 43 CP, 12 BM ? CP, 7 BM
80% - 99% 43 CP, 12 BM 36 CP, 10 BM ?
less than 80% 36 CP, 10 BM ? ?

Map notesEdit

Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister-09-01 map

Level map, click to enlarge

  • The hidden teleporters are linked, sending you from M-5 to G-10 to D-15, and then back to M-5.
  • The first Spawn Pool (XYZ) spawns Treasure Putettos. You might want to farm them.
  • The masses of Lamia make this a good stage to capture and convert enough to get a summon stone.
  • Once you enter the southwestern chamber (Room with mana pillar on the centre), a Demon Noble/BOSS (コゴナウア) appears at B-19.
  • 2 turns after that, the spawn pools at A,B,C-21 spawn new Lamia.

  • Treasure
    • K-5 = Orange Nut
    • K-6 = Yellow Nut
    • I-6 = Fire Crystal
    • A-7 = Corrosive Solution (腐食の錬液)
    • A-10 = Pearl Steel (パール鋼)
    • L-18 = Brocus' Axe (ブロキュスの斧)

Tactics Edit

Due to lots of fire enemies on this stage, units with Holy armor such as Apsael (アプサエル) or Fire alignment (Firame) are highly useful. The Apsael's holy attack will also help greatly against the Warrior's Spirits who have Spirit Armor. The Lamia's Multiple Fire Bullet has 3 range, so its important to either have fire resistances or to close in fast and kill them quickly.

Enemies Edit

No. Name En name Align Move Mana Lv Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Drop 1 Drop 2 Drop 3 Drop 4
075 ファラム Firame Fire 4 8 16~23 Bite, 90% accuracy Heat Endurance Fire Bullet , magic align Fire, range 2, mag 2, sp 4 Water of Bravery Crystal of Flames Swiss Knife Stone of Knowledge
083 フレイムヒドラ Flame Hydra Fire 3 25 16 Bite Withstand Heat Multiple Fire Bullet Crystal of Flames Magician's Fluid Zagunaru Spirit Fluid
141 戦士の死魂霊 Warrior's Spirit Spirit 3 24 30 Teleport Spirit's Resistance Double attack Rotting Fluid Battle Axe Stone of Curses
146 グレーターデーモン/BOSS Greater Demon/Boss Darkness 3 30 34 Flying Arm Cutter Hell Blast Crystal of Darkness Tower Choker Fighters' Stone Pearl Metal
149 コゴナウア/BOSS Kogonaua/Boss Darkness 3 36 36 Absorb Arm Cutter Arm Slash Crystal of Darkness Stone of Judgment Rien Stone
155 ラミア Lamia Fire 3 32 34 Withstand Heat Coil Multiple Fire Bullet Water of combat skills Tail Crystal of Flames Magician's Proof