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12-24 turns, 93-98% = 43 points, 12 max mana

25- ??? turns 93-98% = 36 points, 10 max mana

14-15 turns, 100% = 50 points, 14 max mana

Notes Edit

There are three secret areas in the level:

The first two are W of the connecting single-space-floor between the big room leading to the boss and the rooms N and S of it.

The other one is behind the boss, a dark spell book, darkness crystal and +1 speed stone can be found there.

The chest behind golden doors contains リエン石 (Rien Stone).

The level is pretty straightforward, you'll want to divide your troops first into two groups of three, then three groups of two. Kill the dragons, close the spawns and capture the stones N and S of the base. Then send two units back to take the central route so you have two units in each of the three pathways (I used one Orc, paired with Lily and Colette respectively and a duo of Orcs). Make sure at least one in each pair has a non-physical attack. Also remember to have two decent units in reserve that can take on spirits. Then just rush the three teleporters, ideally in the same round and defeat the 3 generals.

They respawn every 2 turns, you have to have all defeated at the same time for the level to advance.They only respawn at the end of the monster-turn though (so if the last general attacks you during his turn and you get him killed it still counts). They are also spirits, so make sure you have something like Omni-weapons or magic.

After the rest of the level opens up, just rush further E, capping the stones, closing the spawns and killing the dragons. Then just flood the Boss-room, making sure to close the spawns first (the spirits will likely go for your base otherwise) and then taking your time clobbering the boss to death (remember the secret room E of him). Getting it done in the 40% turn-limit shouldn't be hard.

Just remember to watch your Castle (the easiest way I found was to simply summon holy/magic units at the castle or the summoning stones and kill the spirits in one go, then re-capture the rooms they got).

The map ends when the boss is killed.