14 turns, Map 98%, eushully chan extra points x1 = Clear points 87 and Max Mana +9

5 turns, Map 98%, no extra. Clear Points = 78 and Max Mana + 9

5 turns, Map 100%, no extra, Clear Points = 67 and Max Mana + 11

4 turns, Map 98%, eushully chan extra x4 (all four cards) = Clear Points 177 and Max Mana + 9

Secret Rooms Edit

No secret rooms.

Description Edit

A Boss Map, I recommend cleaning up any guardians around him before sending in Lily and Oktavia to magic attack him. The 3 range spell by Lily can be quite useful, as well as the infinite respawns of both Lily and Oktavia. Take note that the boss is on a castle so don't delay on your attacks for too long.

Key of Copper is acuired in from the boss!

Silver Door Chest フールミル Fuurmir

Notes Edit

It's not possible to do 100% when you first clear the stage, since you will need a Silver Key,

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