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21 turns, Map 97%, eushully chan extra points x4 = Clear points 148 and Max mana +9

13-32 turns, Map 100% = Clear points 33 and Max energy +11

44 turns, Map 100% = 28 CP & 9 Max Mana

65 Turns, Map 100% = 16CP & 5 Max Mana

Misc Notes Edit

Victory Condition: Seize the castle in the lower left corner.

There are no secret rooms in this map.

This map is some kind of competition between Colette and Bridget. If Colette or Bridget kills and enemy or lands on a treasure square they get points. If anyone else kills a enemy or take a treasure they both lose points. the one with the most points at the end wins. It can end in a tie.

Colette: Monster kill = +1 point; Treasure =+2 points

Bridget: Monster kill = +2 points; Treasure= +1 point

If any other unit kills a monster or pick a treasure, both of them will get -1 point

When Colette gets 10 or more points some of the green traps you see from the start turn into yellow pillars which she can clear touching them.

Same for Bridget, but her pillars will be red.

When all pillars are cleared doors in the middle area open so you can get 100% map control and get a nice reward, 創造の錬液, a synthesis ingredient for A and S level items.

Note that this requires both Colette and Bridget to gain ten points.

(Once you have cleared the doors it may be a good idea to pick up treasures & kill the enemies left with your other units since there is no disadvantage for doing so anymore.)

If Colette wins, or ties, you have the option to see a H scene if you choose the top choice.

If Bridget wins, there wont be options.

Collete's Route: Collete must win.

Bridget's Route: Bridget must win.

Notice that if you get a tie, you won't go for Bridget (or Colette, either) route.

On Turn 64 the lv 40 Mob will spawn.

At the end of turn 12, a Gargoyle will escape with an item he stole. He is found in the lower right corner of the map.