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Overview Edit

  • Requires: 05-02
  • Objectives:
    • Victory:
      • Suppress Blue Base.
    • Defeat:
      • Your base get taken over.
      • Destruction of Magical Barrier Device or Turn 60.

Secret Rooms Edit

  • To the left of the first treasure near your base.
  • Right of the Mudmen spawn room, closest to your base.
  • Once again, right of the most bottom right Enemy Spawn.
  • To the Right of Healing Feather on the South.

Clear rewards Edit

Clear rewards (Clear Points and Base Mana) depend on the occupation ratio and the number of turns. Some magic cards may offer 5, 10 or 15 extra Clear Points.

~24 turns 25~45 turns 46~60 turns
100% 42 CP, 9 BM 36 CP, 8 BM
80~99% 36 CP, 8 BM 30 CP, 7 BM
less than 80% 30 CP, 7 BM

There is a gold door, making 100% completion impossible on the first playthrough.

Treasure Edit

  • Room right below your start mana Tower (1 treasure):
    • Orange Nut
  • Secret Room right next to the first treasure (1 chest):
    • Thief's Duplicate Key (盗賊の合鍵)
  • Top Room open by North Yellow Light (1 treasure):
    • Healing Water - Small
  • Bottom Room open by North Yellow Light (1 treaasure):
    • Yellow Nut
  • Secret Room to the right of Mudmen's spawn room, close to your base (2 treasures):
    • Orange Nut
    • Synthesis Solution
  • North Healing Feather Room (1 treasure):
    • Scale Stone of Knowledge (知識の鱗石)
  • Secret Room next to the room with 2 enemy spawn (2 treasures):
    • Jupiter Stone (木星石)
    • Orange Nut
  • Secret Room to the right of Healing Feather on the South (2 treasures):
    • Antidote (解毒の薬草)
    • Magician's Solution
  • Room with Mana Pillar near Enemy Base (2 treasures):
    • ザグナル
    • Water of Fight (闘技の水)
  • Room to the Left of Enemy Base (2 treasures):
    • White Flower (白色の花)
    • Orange Nut
  • Defeat the Paladin in Enemy Base:
    • Knight's Proof (騎士の証)

Misc Notes Edit

This map requires you to get the Bottom Castle by clearing out the door walls blocking your path. In order to do this, you need to find the yellow lights to open up the path.

Because of a magic seal, Lily and Maou's powers have been restricted. You cannot use any magic, upgrade items, or train Lily by doing H with her. Also, Lily will only be able to move one tile a turn.

It would be wise to bring your strongest units, have healing items available for emergencies, and save often. There are Recovery tiles so you may not need healing items.

The chest behind golden doors contains マルウェンの腕輪, S-level bracelet that will double the chances of stats increasing if equipped on leveling. While considered by many to be the best item in the game, this effect can be duplicated with enough save/loading. However you can synthetize the same bracelet after 06-01 while getting first key happens in 06-03 and getting the gold ingot for the gold key requires either hardcore save/load in chapter 9 or going EX-05 for a guaranteed drop, but you will be lvl 75+ after EX-04 needed to go EX-05.