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Overview Edit

  • Requires: 05-01
  • Objectives:
    • Victory:
      • Defeat Sassonne and Vidal
    • Defeat:
      • Your base gets taken over
      • Turn 60
  • Followup: 05-03 (You won't be able to choose anything else, so watch your mana!)

Secret Rooms Edit


Clear points Edit

Clear rewards (Clear Points and Base Mana) depend on the occupation ratio and the number of turns. Some magic cards may offer 5, 10 or 15 extra Clear Points.

~24 turns 25~44 turns 45~60 turns
100% 42 CP, 9 BM 36 CP, 8 BM 30 CP, 7 BM
81~99% 36 CP, 8 BM 30 CP, 7 BM 24 CP, 5 BM
~80% 21 CP, 4 BM 15 CP, 3 BM 9 CP, 2 BM

You can't open the door to the enemy base making 100% clear impossible.

Map Notes Edit

Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister-05-02 map

level map, click to enlarge

  • Depending on where you completed 05-01, you will start in a different castle - west, center, or east. Only the corresponding part of the map is available to you, the other parts (marked off red) will stay closed, and will not count for level domination percentage.
  • Once you reach a room exactly one square north of the enemy base, horizontally, the teleporter rooms appear (marked off yellow on the map), with soldiers in them. One turn later, the maids teleport in and start attacking you.
  • Sassoone usually tries capturing your castle, while Vidal attacks your units in the middle of the map. (On the eastern part, they might switch roles, considering their teleporter placements.)
  • Sassoone is lightning-aligned, has Insight and attacks using a fire-based melee skill. Vidal is earth-aligned, has Counter and a physical attack that sometimes triggers Pierce - attack her with caution, and best in ranged combat.
  • Note that defeating both ends the map immediately - you might want to tank one (preferably Sassoone) inside a room, capture the rest of the map and collect all treasure, before defeating her.

Treasure Edit

The tresasure on all 3 paths is mostly the same. Only the eastern path has reduced treasure. Treasure piles and chests are marked on the map with letters - identical letters means identical treasure in all 3 versions of the map.

  • A - Mithril Stone
  • B - Magician's Robe (魔術師のローブ) - doesn't seem to be there on east map
  • C - Water of Bravery (勇壮の水)
  • D - Healing Water - Small
  • E - Orange Nut
  • F - Yellow Nut
  • G - Holy Crystal (神聖の水晶) - not sure if it's also there on eastern path
  • H - Kuroshino Steel (only on east start)