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Overview Edit

  • Requires: 04-01 or 04-02 (if defeated Estelle for victory condition) OR 04-03
  • Objectives:
    • Victory:
      • Suppress either 1 of 3 blue base at lower layer. The base you suppress determines your starting position for 05-02.
    • Defeat:
      • Your base get taken over OR Turn 30
      • Enemy reach all 3 bases (the base will disappear).
    • Followup: 05-02

Clear points Edit

Clear rewards (Clear Points and Base Mana) depend on the occupation ratio and the number of turns. Some magic cards may offer 5, 10, or 15 extra Clear Points.

9~12 turns 13~22 turns 23~29 turns
100% 33 CP, 9 BM 28 CP, 8 BM 16CP, 4BM
80~99% 28 CP, 8 BM 24 CP, 7 BM 12 CP, 3 BM
less than 80% 24CP, 7BM 19 CP, 5 BM 7CP, 2BM

There is a door requiring the Bronze Key (銅の鍵), so 100% completion is not possible on first playthrough.

Map Notes Edit

Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister-05-01 map

level map, click to enlarge

  • As soon as you enter the first lava chamber, three more spearman spawn at the C-7 mana pillar, and reinforcement points appear at B-7~9.
  • East of the first lava chamber is a secret shortcut south, leading to the middle and right castle.

  • Treasure
    • Our starting point (2 treasures):
      • K-3 = Yellow Nut
      • M-3 = Magic Solution
    • Room with Archer and Lava Pit (1 treasure):
      • J-7 = Synthesis Solution
    • Room with 3 chests:
      • F-15 = Pluto Stone (冥王石)
      • G-15 = Obscene Perfume (淫靡な香水) ;For Lily Tsundere Chaos growth;
      • H-15 = Reinforced Bow (強化弓)
    • Secret Room North of Bronze Door (2 treasures):
      • E-12 = Bronze Coin
      • D-14 = Healing Water - Big
    • 6 squares room to the left of Right Base (1 treasure):
      • R-17 = Orange Nut
    • Secret Room North of Right Base (1 treasure):
      • V-15 = Omni Crystal (万能の水晶)
    • Near Left Base (only on replay):
      • Dark Crystal (暗黒の水晶)
    • Chest behind Bronze door
      • E-17 = Earth Pulse Shield (地脈の盾)

Misc Notes Edit

There are 3 castles, Left/Middle/Right.

The enemy can secure the castles and make them disappear from the map.

The Fire Dogs can pass through the lava to reach the archers and make a shortcut.

Also, equipping a fast, strong unit like Femme with a Fire Bracelet (熱砂の腕輪, Syn D) helps tremendously.

Capturing any castle yourself will win the map, but you get 100% with either if you have found all the secret rooms.

When you replay this stage a new chest appears containing crystal of darkness.