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Overview Edit

  • Requires: 04-03
  • Objectives:
    • Victory:
      • Find and acquire item that Deirdre is looking for.
    • Defeat:
      • Your base get taken over.
      • 60 turns elapse.
    • Followup:
      • None

Clear points Edit

12-24 turns 25-28 turns  ?-59 turns
100% 42 CP, 8 BM 36 CP, 7 BM 21 CP, 4 BM
~95% 36 CP, 7 BM

Map Notes Edit

  • The Stone Golems Drop Magician's Fluid as their C drop and the Amazonesses drop Mithril as their B Drop.
  • Treasure
    • There are quite a few stat boosting items as treasures, so its worthwhile playing this map even though it is not requierd for any endings in particular.
    • Room with 6 squares size South West of Map (1 treasure):
      • Synthetic Liquid
    • Room with 2 squares size right above our base's mana tower (1 treasure):
      • Healing Water - Small
    • Room with Healing Feather and Mana Tower (1 treasure):
      • Orange Nut
    • Chest at West side of the map:
      • Seven Star Stone (七星石)
    • Room West of the Map (2 treasures):
      • Neptune Stone (海王石)
      • Crystal of Lightning (電撃の水晶)
    • Room East of the Map (3 treasures):
      • Orange Nut
      • Mars Stone (火星石)
      • Crystal of Earth (地脈の水晶)
  • The Bandit gargoyle will usually grab a treasure and run towards the ending room with the yellow beacon. If you do not manage to catch him before then, he will escape with the item.
    • Usually, it is very difficult to catch it without a Teleport Ring, which allows you can move through the thin walls.
    • Luckily, the item is usually not that important.
Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister-04-04 map

Level map

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