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Overview Edit

  • Requires: 04-02 and NOT defeat Estelle
  • Objectives:
    • Victory:
      • Defeat Estelle before she reach her base.
    • Defeat:
      • Your base get taken over.
      • Estelle reach her base, or 60 turn elapse.
    • Followup:
      • Next stage: 04-04

Hidden Rooms Edit

There are four hidden rooms altogether. The first three is to the extreme left of your starting location. They're guarded by Mudmen and Worms, but they lead straight to the mana pillar at the southwest corner of the map, providing a tactical advantage. The last hidden room is near the north-eastern healing feather. Head two rooms down and you should see it to the left.

Map Notes Edit

  • Treasures and Chests:
    Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister-04-03 map

    Level map, click to enlarge

    • K-4 = Water of Courage
    • K-7 = Trident
    • R-4 = Orange Nut
    • Q-7 = Scale Stone of Knowledge (知識の鱗石)
    • O-8 = Synthesis Fluid
    • D-10 = Healing Water - Small
    • Defeat the Boss in front of Enemy Base (NOT Estelle):
      • K-12 = Ring of Fort (砦の指輪)

Misc Notes Edit

You can intercept Estelle by taking over the Mana Pillar of the room with chasm, then sent flying unit over the chasm to block Estelle while she went through longer way.

Or you can go through the secret area which start at the extreme West from your start position, fight the Mudmen and Worms, and end in the room with Healing Feather and Mana Pillar.

Can finish in one turn taking advantage of Collet's Re-move skill First clear up path to the first large chamber to the left (right before the secret area) using random characters. Then summon Colette and using the teleport magic teleport Colette to G5. Now if you're lucky (or you save/load) you can free up the path up to Estelle using Collet's two moves. Now all you have to do is summon your hard-hitting unit (such as Femme), teleport again near Estelle and if its strong enough you'll kill Estelle in one fight, ending the level.

Clear points Edit

1-24 turns 25-30 turns  ?~59 turns
100% 50 CP, 8 BM 43 CP, 7 BM
0-80% 36 CP, 6 BM