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Overview Edit

  • Requires: 04-01 and NOT defeat Estelle
  • Objectives
    • Victory:
      • Bring Estelle to specified location, i.e. The room with Yellow Pillar.
      • Defeat Estelle
    • Defeat:
      • Your base get taken over
      • Turn 60
    • Followup
      • Next stage:
        • Bring Estelle to specified location: 04-03
        • Defeat Estelle: 05-01 (Skip 04-03 and 04-04)

Clear points Edit

~24 turns 33~50 turns  ?
100% 42 CP, 8 BM
91%~98% 36 CP, 7 BM 30 CP, 6 BM
87% 15 CP, 3 BM
24%~32% 30 CP, 6 BM

Map Notes Edit

Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister-04-02 map

Level map, click to enlarge

  • G-4 = Scale Stone of Alchemy (呪鍛の鱗石 )
  • P-5 = Earth Crystal (地脈の水晶)
  • L-6 = Yellow Nut (黄色の木の実)
  • F-7 = Thief's Knife (シースナイフ)
  • G-7 = Collar of Tower (塔の首輪)
  • H-7 = Moon Stone (月星石)
  • D-2 = Orange Nut
  • D-4 = Healing Water - Small
  • F-13 = Orange Nut
  • I-15 = Orange Nut
  • I-17 = Yellow Nut
  • M-12 = Magician's Solution (魔術師の錬液)
  • G-9 = Holy Spirit's Fluid (神霊の錬液)

Misc Notes Edit

Estelle is the boss of this stage.

If you do fight and defeat her, you will get an H scene along with an unknown bonus. Then you are given two choices, the results are as following.

-1. Estelle is released and you take her sword. You cannot synthesize it.

-2. Estelle is captured and you take her sword. You can synthesize it to brainwash her.

Beating Estelle also seems to skip 4-03 and 4-04.

You can also try to tank her long enough to clear path to the bottom castle and then lure her there. The stage will end when she enters the room with yellow pillar next to the castle and 04-03 will be unlocked.

The chest behind silver locked doors contains 神霊の錬液, highest level synthesis liquid needed for most LEVEL-M synthesis items.

There is a secret area east of 6 traps room easy to be missed as it requires both flight and search skills on one unit, i.e. Level 30 Gargoyle.  Alternately, a unit with both teleport and search skills can access it from the secret area's north side.

There is another secret area with three chests 3 squares north and 1 square east of the silver gate.

Estelle will go after your unit that is closest to her. So it is best to use only one unit to lure her.

To make her reach destination faster, you may want to avoid area with mana tower (that you control).

First lure Estelle by sending unit to the area left of base, then send troops to the right, the detour to ambush the soldiers.

After soldiers had been eliminated, pull back the distraction unit, and use detour unit to lure Estelle back to her starting room, and then lure her slowly to the yellow pillar.

After the Estelle and luring unit are quite far, retake the land you lost.