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Objectives Edit

  • Victory
  • Defeat
    • Time over (10 turns pass).

Clear rewards Edit

Clear rewards (Clear Points and Base Mana) depend on the occupation ratio and the number of turns. Some magic cards may offer 5 extra Clear Points.

1-8 turns 9~10 turns
100% 42 CP 2 BM 36 CP 2 BM
99% 30 CP 2 BM

Map notes Edit

  • Colette must be alive for this map to be unlocked.
  • The first time you enter the map there are no monsters.
  • The objective of this map is to get Colette to the Blue base at the botton before 10 turns are over.
  • Just like 2-06, this map is about knowledge of the movement rules, most important thing to note is that if moving into unclaimed territory, you can only move in one square to claim the territory no matter what your movement rate is. So the strategy to this map is to use other units to clear a path for Collette as far as possible and then move her.
  • Make sure you keep track of your FS as well! Every time you move a square it takes up 1 FS. If it goes too low, restore it using item or magic.
  • Some things that will help you on this map include
    Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister-03-06 map

    Level map, click to enlarge

    • Femme has a 5 movement rate (as does Collette who is necessary on this stage anyway).
    • Firemes are a cheap unit with 4 movement, if you have 2-3 of them in your army it helps.
    • Werewolves are a recruitable unit with 4 movement rate.
    • Harpuia also have 4 movement after first class change at level 20(?).
    • Characters with cheap summoning costs like Orcs are usable.
  • It is possible that early completion of this map is needed to enter Collette's path.
  • On revisits to this map, the map will become a normal one populated by monsters instead.


  • A-2 = 呪鍛の鱗石 (Stone of Curses) x 1
  • A-4 = Bronze Coin x1
  • B-4 = 万能の水晶 (Versatile Crystal) x1
  • A-5 = シースナイフ (Thief Knife) x1
  • H-7 = 合成の錬液 (Synthesis Solution) x1
  • A-9 = 黄色の木の実 (Yellow Nut) x1
  • E-10 = 冷却の水晶 (Ice Crystal) x1
  • I-13 = 羽弓 (Bow) x1
  • G-16 = 麻痺治療の香 (Paralysis Herb) x1
  • A-16 = 治癒の水・小 (Healing Water - Small) x1

Enemies Edit

Name En name Lv Skill 1 Skill 2 Skill 3 Skill 4
アースマン Earth Man 20 Earth Fist, 85% accuracy Regenerate Artifact's endure
ヴェアヴォルフ Werewolf 20 Sword, 85% accuracy Search Unlock
マーテル Succubus 20 Claw, 85% accuracy Flight Unlock Smile of Seduction

enemy stats are random. the below are some samples to provide a general idea

Easy mode enemy stats Edit

Earth man
Lv HP SP FS Atk Def Mag Mdf Spd Luck Mana Mov Alignment
21 36 0 29 14 10 0 2 4 1 6 2 Earth

Lv HP SP FS Atk Def Mag Mdf Spd Luck Mana Mov Alignment
21 30 0 31 15 6 0 2 14 2 10 4 Earth

Lv HP SP FS Atk Def Mag Mdf Spd Luck Mana Mov Alignment
21 33 19 26 13 6 15 7 10 8 9 3 Dark

Normal mode enemy stats Edit

Hard mode enemy stats Edit