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Overview Edit

  • Requires:
    • Having given Sylphine the Synthesis item 水鳥草 (Water Bird Glass) in an earlier event
    • Completed 02-06 either by finding the herb yourself and give it to the maids, or by letting the maids find it.
    • Must have created the Holy Sakura Flower (聖桜花), which requires Synthesis C
    • Cleared 03-04
    • Before entering Chapter 5
  • Objectives
    • Victory
      • Control 100% of the map
      • Turn 50
    • Defeat
      • Your base gets taken over
  • Followup
    • Winning by controlling 100% → Entering Princess's sleeping room, you have a few options:
      • Leave a flower (may be more than one choice if you have different types of flower) → Event 庭園にて
      • Attempt to kill the Princess → Game Over
      • Do nothing → ?

Clear points Edit

9~20 turns 21~37 turns 38~49 turns 50 turns
100% 42 CP, 2 BM 36 CP, 2 BM 21 CP, 1 BM
99% 15 CP, 1 BM

Map Notes Edit

Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister-03-05 map

Level map, click to enlarge

There are lots of physical resistant monsters including ghosts with spirit armor. Lily wielding a Holy Staff is highly recommended for taking care of the pesky ghosts. An irritating point is that the ghosts can teleport through walls and therefore retake control of far away/out of the way rooms that you once controlled. If you find yourself lacking in percentage even when all enemies have been killed, check the map carefully to see if there are any rooms you need to retake.


  • L-158: 合成の錬液 (Synthesis Solution)
  • J-154: 精神安定の葉 (Leaf of Steady Spirit)
  • G-156: Healing Water - Small
  • E-153: 解毒の薬草 (Anti Venom Grass)
  • D-157: White Flower
  • G-162: Orange Nut
  • F-155: Jupiter Stone
  • E-164: Shield of Evasion
  • E-167: Magician's Liquid
  • I-162: コルシノ鋼

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