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Overview Edit

  • Requirements
  • Objectives
    • Victory
      • You find the flower (at I-93) OR
      • a Maid finds the flower (turn 50)
    • Defeat
      • A Maid initiates combat with one of your units
  • Followups
    •  ?

Clear rewards Edit

Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister-02-06 map

Level map, click to enlarge

Clear rewards (Clear Points and Base Mana) depend on the occupation ratio and the number of turns. Some magic cards may offer 5 extra Clear Points.

5~20turns 21~25turns
83~96% 28CP,2BM 24CP,2BM
72% 24CP,2BM 19CP,1BM

Map notes Edit

  • This stage is a mini-game with no monsters, however, if you lose it counts as a game over.
    • When replaying the stage, it turns into a regular level with monsters
  • Each maid will wander between the three large rooms around them, sometimes taking treasure. However, if any of your units is within their movement range, they will go over there, resulting in game over.
  • This map is all about territorial control, with proper knowledge of the movement rules (and a few save/loads), you should be able to manipulate the movement of maids and collect all the items.
  • Some things that will help you on this map include
    • Having Colette (recruitable in Chapter 3), Femme and level 15+ Harpyua's. They have 6, 5, and 4 movement respectively (though expensive to deploy).
    • Having the C rank magic, which allows you to return a character to base instantly (useful if you get trapped!).
    • Having B rank power, which allows you to teleport to any area you control (useful for the 1st reason, and also to get around more quickly). Very expensive mana cost though.
  • Once you pick up the flower, you have a choice whether to hand it over or not, handing it over to the maids increases Law.
  • Treasures
    • M-82 = Orange Nut
    • I-82 = Yellow Nut
    • M-85 = Scale Stone of Knowledge (知識の鱗石)
    • I-87 = Healing Water (Small)
    • L-87 = Green Nut
    • L-88 = Sun Stone
    • I-88 = Water of Courage (勇壮の水)
    • I-92 = Uranus Stone
    • L-93 = Sunora (スノラ)
    • I-94 = Paralyze-recover incense
    • I-93 = 清浄草 (quest complete item)