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Description Edit

In this stage Lily must face enemies in single combat one after another. As each monster is defeated another spawns. The enemies start at level 30 and their level rises to about 35 by the end. Magic, summoning, item upgrading, and sex magic commands are unavailable during this fight.

Clear Rewards Edit

18 turns 100% -> 42 CP, 4 BM + Lizard Hero's Bracelet (Berserk Skill)

24 turns 100% -> 36 CP, 3 BM + Lizard Hero's Bracelet (Berserk Skill)

Tactics Edit

  • Pay attention to the enemy's defense alignment and equip the appropriate weapon. You can check damage multipliers at Princess Hunting Dungeon Meister:Alignments. Holy/Darkness weapons will help vs enemies with non-specific defenses such as physical.
  • Because you cannot use magic to heal, make sure you have a stock of healing items such as Healing Waters.
  • Turn off the automatic turn ending under System ->Options. Because enemies spawn immediately after the previous one is killed, if you kill the enemy on your turn, if you do not turn off the automatic turn ending you will have no chance to heal before the next one spawns and (usually) immediately attacks you.
  • Save after each attack/enemy. Depending on your stats/Lily training, you might end up having to keep save-loading and praying for the enemy to miss just to survive. Judicious saving will also save you time lost to deaths from enemy critical hits that kill you.
  • The final boss is level 42 with high speed and a powerful magic attack, however this can be negated by equipping Lily with 死骸の盾 making it a far easier fight.

Notes Edit

  • If this is your 2nd or later playthrough and you have recruited the maid angel Eukleia permanently, the Refined wooden sword (磨かれた木刀) that you get when you recruit her does Omni damage and grants the Boss Slayer skill. This weapon will help against the first few enemies that have Physical defense alignment.
  • You're not obliged to complete the level in one go; if you pull out (by going to the yellow marker) or get defeated, it won't cause a game over, you'll just return to the base, and can retry the level. When you do, the game remembers your kill count in the level and starts with the enemy you that last spawned in the challenge.