The game's action takes place on a fixed calendar.  Most of your actions on the world map will cause the calendar to advance by one day:

  • Shopping
  • Alchemy
  • Training
  • Exploring the labyrinth
  • Talking to your people (by visiting areas you already control)

The main storyline will not wait for you; after a certain number of days have passed, the next story mission will begin, whether or not you're ready.  Be prepared.

Name Day Type
Frontier village (開拓民の集落) 7 Main
Dark training ground (闇の訓練場)
Ipara ruins (イパラ遺跡) 14 Main
Blockade corridor (封鎖回廊)
Ausutoraru highway (アウストラル街道) 27 Main
Fort Karunakku (カルナック砦)
Between abysses (深淵の間) 43 Main
Lake of the seal (封印の湖)
Gregor's palace (グレゴールの宮殿) 56 Main
Gate of hell (地獄の門)
Princess General