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Princess General is the 3rd game of Eushully.

Back story Edit

Princess General
Japanese 幻燐の姫将軍
Romanization genrin no hime shogun
Princess General package
Brand Eushully
Genre SRPG
Release date April 27, 2001
Price 3800 Yen
Rating 18+

When he was young, Riui lived in the human nation of Menfiru with his human mother. After his half-majin blood began to show, they were chased out and she was murdered. His majin father Gozara, who led the mazoku in the region of Morutenia, took him in. Later, his father was killed by a hero of the humans, Garland. His father's subordinate Gregor took over.

Since the hero killed Gozara, the mazoku who had claimed Morutenia were weakened, and humans of Menfiru began to settle in Morutenia. After biding his time, Riui has gathered subordinates and is finally prepared to take revenge, starting by striking a pioneer village to force the humans out of Morutenia. He acts out of hatred toward humans, with the desire to destroy Menfiru. However, his feelings are more complex than he realizes.

幻燐の姫将軍OP エウシュリー大百科02:53

幻燐の姫将軍OP エウシュリー大百科

Gameplay Overview Edit

The game begins as Riui is preparing to attack the village, and follows his campaigns.

Map viewEdit

The game is advanced by selecting a location on the map. A red flag mark’s Riui’s base, and a blue flag marks the location of the next required battle. Visiting a location on the map costs a certain number of days: 3 for locations that require you to battle to advance the story, and 1 for other locations. You can choose where you want to visit, but after a certain number of days pass, you will be automatically made to visit the blue flag location and thus advance the main storyline.

To fill up time, before visiting the blue flag location, you usually want to visit Riui’s base. Other locations sometimes contain events too. At the start of the game, you will have 3 events in your queue. Once you view them (it will be day 4) there are no more events in your queue, so you can either watch random events of no consequence, or you can head to the pioneer village before the deadline.

The map can be switched between two views: a bird's eye view and the labyrinth view. The Bureado labyrinth runs underground through the entire kingdom; battles may take place above ground or below it.


Battles have a set number of rounds and 50 frames within each round. You can control each unit and make it attack, search, move, etc. Different actions require you to wait a different number of frames before you can perform another action with that unit. Riui is the only unit that can summon other units, and also recall any of them one at a time. The game can be saved after each round. When a unit dies, it's permanently lost.


The player starts with 5 units, Riui and 4 subordinates: Raja, Risuti, Peterene, and an earthman mazoku. Their stats can be viewed from the menu, and items can be assigned to different units.

Units have an alignment associated with them, and units of a certain alignment have an advantage over units of another alignment. Obtainable units are of the 4 elemental alignments and the dark alignment. Periodically, battle maps will contain pillars that only Riui is able to unseal and which allow him to recruit elemental mazoku.

Units can receive class upgrades with special items. Some items, crests for each alignment, can be used when the unit reaches a specified level, while others have an undisclosed level requirement and require you to visit Riui's base and experience an H scene to upgrade.

Purchasing the GameEdit

A downloadable version of the game can be bought from DLSite Japan.

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