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Minna Daisuki Kodzukuri Banchou
Japanese みんな大好き 子づくりばんちょう
Romanization Minnadaisuki Kodzukuribanchou
Minna Daisuki Kodzukuri Banchou package
Brand Anastasia
Genre Action
Release date 2007/05/18
Price 5800 Yen
Rating 18+

Kiryuu is a poor high school student living with his sister Manami. One day, on the roof of his school, he notices that the school president, Sakura, is being assaulted by a male student called Banchou. After beating Banchou, Sakura, seeing his potential, asks Kiryuu to become the school president so he can participate in the inter-school competitions; he decides to think about it. These competitions absorb the losing school into the winning school and the losing president must fulfill one condition that the winner imposes. Once he gets home, he sees on the news that the local government is willing to pay large amounts of money for parents to have children as to combat the declining birth rates. When his sister gets home, she gives him what she thinks is a good luck charm, but is in fact an easy delivery charm. Putting this all together, Kiryuu thinks of a plan to win against other schools and force the representatives to become his wives in order to get lots of money from the government and escape poverty. The limitation of this is that it takes a long time and is very expensive to raise children. On a whim, he goes to visit a shrine and he meets a fertility goddess named Angeline Ishtar, who has lost most of her power because people aren't having many kids anymore. Seeing Kiryuu's potential, she decides to help him by changing the apparent flow of time and making girls that he impregnates have five year old looking children within days of conception. With all this in mind, he takes up Sakura's offer and becomes the school president so he can protect his family, make a large family and escape poverty.

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