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Units can be acquired in this game by several different ways:

  1. Class changing (Upgrading) - when some units get enough battle spirit (50) they can be upgraded to better or different class by using item 武勲の紋章 (VI.3) on them, so buy those items when you can. By doing it once it is possible to unlock those units for recruitment. Classes that can't be upgraded anymore have star displayed near its battle spirit value.
  2. Diplomacy - when you make an aliance with some races you get access to their unique units, so you can hire them as much as you want. But you can't hire them anymore after alliance is nullified. Also if you raise you diplomacy rating with Black temple high enough, some of their units will also become unlocked.
  3. Conquering countries - after conquering at least one elf or human country you get access to Elf (III.11) or Human (III.1) slaves.
  4. Conquering dungeons - after clearing some dungeons, new units are unlocked (see section Dungeons for more details)
  5. Buying - each week there is a chance that trader will come, that can sell you some new units, generally cheaper than it would cost to recruit them. But first trader only sells units that were unlocked previously. On the other hand - second traider (that becomes available when you raise diplomacy rating with first to high enough level) can sell several units, that are hard to acquire with other ways. It is also possible to call traders anytime if you use strategy 商人招致 (V.3) that requires item 取引の宝珠 (V.11).
  6. Summoning - after you get summoning stones (a special types of treasures) it is possible to use them to hire a limited number of units that require them. Stones can be got in clearing levels in dungeons (not whole dungeons) or bought from second merchant (you can get there some really rare stones, so you should summon him more often if you need them).
  7. Joining - after you get diplomacy rating with your own country high enough, people can join your forces each week. Sometimes they join as units that require rare special treasures to hire them normally, so it is a good idea to raise that rating, so that your people would be happy.
  8. Breeding from slave princess - after you conquer some towns you get special treasures that unlock an option in H-menu for you slave princess that allows you to unlock several units.
  9. Unlocking after finishing the game - after you finish the game at least once, you can unlock new powerful hero type units that will be available in your army from the beginning of next game (if you start Normal mode, not EX-Mode)
  10. Special events - there are different special events that allow you to get some more units. Making a dead knight after capturing a certain hero, hiring a demon lord after allowing him to sleep with your princess, unlocking orcs automatically after several turns in the game, etc.