The Mechanical Goddesses (機工女神) are the artificial goddesses who formed Dir Lifyna.

They were created by the humans of Iasu Suterina for their protection. They have the ability to fuse with everything, which allowed them to even cross space-time with Nei Suterina as their target. They possess great affection toward humankind, and that overactive love is what caused them to try to, upon discovering the abundant Nei Suterina, fuse with it so that it could take the place of the ruined Iasu Suterina. That fusion caused the War of the Three Gods.

At the end of that war, they were sealed by the Present Gods or chose to fall asleep, thus disappearing from the world stage. Since they were made with the goal of protecting all living things, they are not allowed to take their own lives.

See also Deity.

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