Margot is a demoness who lives within the Twisted Root.

She has the power to manipulate and distort space, attacking seemingly from nowhere and disappearing just as quickly. She enjoys toying with humans who venture too deeply into the labyrinth, considering them her "prey."

The party first meets her as she's attacking Forchera Cid, the only remaining member of her group. Standing together, they are able to hold their ground against Margot, but she surprises them by grabbing Fino Sefit and whisking him away to another section of the dungeon, where she attempts to sexually drain him of his vitality. However, his vigor is such that she is the one who ends up being defeated. While Fino has neither the ability nor the inclination to destroy Margot or bind her to his service, this defeat his enough to give her pause. Amused, she releases him, calling him "Master."