Japanese 魔法が世界を救います!
Romanization Mahou ga Sekai wo Sukuimasu
Mahosuku package
Brand Anastasia
Genre Training & Combat SLG
Release date May 26, 2005
Price 3800 Yen
Rating 18+
Mahosuku (Magic saves the world!), is the first game of Anastasia.

Story Edit

From the shadows "magicians" protect the order of the world. 

Several years ago in a place known to no one the protagonist (Kreutz) has lost his powers in a battle where the stake has been the world itself. Now, according to his master's will, he arrived in town to protect his daughters. Due to unexpected events Kreutz ended up teaching magic to Flora, one of the daughters, to make her a full-fledged magician.

Will Flora manage to become a magician? Is Kreutz able to cut his ties with his past? Can they thwart the plans of the evil "magician" who's just appeared?

Gallery Edit

Mahou ga Sekai o Sukuimasu! - Demo 魔法が世界を救います!02:01

Mahou ga Sekai o Sukuimasu! - Demo 魔法が世界を救います!

Eushully Official 魔法が世界を救います! DL版 Update Patch Demo Movie
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