This Guide is for Weapon Route, or Eiferia Route, Technology Route, Mag-Tech Route, etc... This route can lead to all 2 Endings and all the ENDs except Riseru END and the so call "Harem END".

The major requirements for True History END/ending is peacefully alliance with all the nations, and gain friendship with all the recurrited major characters (though flags and events). Orufan and Nafuka will not join in this Route and Faith sure not join if you are aiming for True History END.

 In order to unlock all the events, all main characters must be at least level 30, preferably high 30's.

Unless stated, do not declare war against any nation.

The requirements of the route will be first sorted out first by character, then by Kingdom.

  • Weiss - The nightmare (dream) event must be seen.
  • Liselle - Two H-scene events must be seen. Riseru friendship earned.
  • Aru/Al - Weiss and Aru's moon viewing event, the choice ふざけるな must be selected. Also, events from Elfaticia must be seen, which means Elfaticia's level must be high.
  • Three Musketeers - All four H events must be seen. By the time this is seen, Gulandross's loyalty should be max and his level is exceptionally high when he joins your party.
  • Corona/Gilk - First, when Ranahaimu Kingdom declares war against the player, the choice: 援軍要請を受諾す must be selected. Once Colarim Mountain Path is taken over by Ranahaimu Kingdom, simply take it back. That is the first requirement to get both characters to join you. There will be events where Corona's portrait will be seen at the farm and other certain buildings, etc. After these dialogues, it will trigger her H-scenes. There friendship is earned when they join the party.
  • Feruano - When she comes as a hostage, the following choices must be selected: 隷属を許す, then 仲間に引きこむ.
  • Lacrille - Must take the mission to free Kreis.
  • Kreis - Must be freed.
  • Meimei - lvl14+ for her event. After defeat Eren da Mel event, an event to appear at the capital during this event それでも信じたい must be selected.
  • Elfaticia - Requirements Meimei must be met and she will join you.
  • Neneka - When she is captured: 誓約を解く must be selected to free her. All three of her H-scenes must be viewed.
  • Alphimia - Neneka must be in your party when she is captured. Once the events are locked, the option Nenekaに任せる must be selected. Neneka and Alphimia's H-scene unlock each other.
  • Li Anes - When she challenge you and is defeated 英雄を手厚く扱う must be selected.
  • Margerita - She will ask you to take her to the battle field two times during different times. This must be done.
  • AyrCiel - Must win all three of her battles. Don't defeat her during the third battle – it may be hard so try using Nullification Technique ability to prevent the dragons from using their skill.
  • Lune - You will need to take her to a battle at least once when she requests after joining the party;
  • Dalmagna - First event must be seen right after joining Eida's route. Second event happens a few weeks after that, but you have to offer a tribute to Dwun=Neel (Send Aid) for it to appear. Steel Cage defense mission must be completed. The second event will be seen once the red-stamped quests have been completed. Note that in ord
  • Garmus - Dialogue choices must be selected: 何者かが起こした災厄, ただちに処断, 必要なことならば… He must be saved later in the game as well;
  • Bell - Dialogue choices must be selected: 正直に答える;
  • Haishera - She is completely unrelated to the story and have zero bearing. Obtaining her territory or defeating her is not a requirement.

Unless stated, do not declare war against any nation. Do not declare war against Dynasty Territory unless all of events described have been completed (otherwise a premature end will occur). Work in progress.

Nation Requirements and Choice Selections
Yun Gasol Countries Union You don't have to ceasefire with them but it makes this easier, since you can only enter the route if you have neutral relation. Once the Technology Route has been selected, they will be your ally. Once the red-stamped quests have been completed (the final ones are 205 and 206), an event in the west captial with Eida will cause them to declare war against you. So staying neutral with them and leaving them alone is the best approach.
Rumolune Principalty After Lanahime Kingdom's attack on Rumolune Principalty , they will ask for reinforcement, select 援軍要請を受諾する. After capturing Colarim Mountain Path, Corona and Gilk will join. It is completely irrelevant whether or not if capital Formial is under your control. The easiest way is to let Lanahime Kingdom take it over and then take it back from them for additional resources.
Lanahime Kingdom After defending or fall of Rumolune Principalty, Lanahime Kingdom will be at war with you. When about 25 units are return to Altrizus Citadel, it is about when you taking Somil Advanced Base, Feruano will come to be a hostage. The following choices must be selected: 隷属を許す then 仲間に引き込む. Then proceed with the game and leave them alone until Garmus declare war on you then in the next week Ranahaimu Unido declare war also and simply conquer it to get Rakuriru(Racrail).
Enen de Mail After Garmus's 2nd request mission, Maymay will start an event, select それでも信じたい. Then defend Enen de Mail, Elfaticia will join next week. This event must be completed before saving Garmus.
Zafhan Tribe Country Declare war on this country. Once Guntram Large Fort has been conquered, Neneka will be captured. Go back to the city and you will see a Neneka event at the castle, then selected: 誓約を解く. After the next turn, go to the jail again to get a H-scene. After the following turn, speak to her again and after another turn speak again and she will join your party. This need to be done before capturing Capital Herenlarma, Since Alphimia can't be capture if she isn't in party. This does not mean that Neneka has to participate in the battle or be at the capital. She just has to be in the party. Return to castle for event select ネネカに任せる. Level Neneka to 18 for Alphimia to join the party.
Enonnoze Kingdom After you declare war against Zafhan Tribe Country or within a certain amount of turns, they will ask for assistance. Select 請を応える. After conquering Zafhan Tribe Country, Li Anes will challenge you within the next turn. Defeat her and select 英雄を手厚く扱う. This nation will declare war on you, then just simply conquering this kingdom. Faith cannot be recruited with this approach but it mandatory for True Route.
Burnie Territory Completion on all red-stamped quests are required that are given by Eida and Lune.
Kisara Territory First earn Garmus' trust by selecting the options listed above. Once the Technology route has been decided, he will come and ask for assistance. Once this important quest has been completed, he will declare war against you the next turn. Conquer the first base Bell will join. Defend and conquer his nation then Garmus will join you.
Destini Territory It is strongly recommended (Not necessary) to declare war against this nation once all the requirements for True Route history have been met. They will be neutral before the war declaration.
Dwun=Nile They must be visited right after you choose to side with Eida. Jaula de acero defense mission will happen next and must be completed. The second event will be seen once the red-stamped quests have been completed once your friendship levels are high with Elfaticia.
The Mountain Ridge of Warning When AyrCiel comes to challenge you to a 1v1 battle, simply choose the first option and beat her. From there, beat the other two battle events and proceed with her character development.
Haishera Asmodian País This kingdom can be left untouched entirely. They are completely irrelevant to the True History or the Technology Route.


Before entering into a Route:

  • Riseru and Aru's Event - gain though leveling characters or conquering territory
    • Riseru Party Event - CG 02-12
    • Aru Date Event - CG 02-10
  • Garmus' Trust
    • During first time visiting, Garmus choose "ただちに処断する"
    • Garmus visiting Centakus choose "必要なことならば…"
    • Bell event after Garmus visit choose "正直に答える"

After Routed:

  • Riseru Friendship - after 2 H-scenes
  • Aru Friendship - during moon view scene choose "ふざけるな" and later Weiss' nightmare event.

Rumolune DukedomEdit

  • Choose "救援要請を受諾する" when requested.
  • Reclaim "Colarim Mountain Parth", Corona and Gilk joins.
  • Corona/Gilk Friendship - Corona Lvl.30, Gilk Lvl.18

Dragon TerritoryEdit

  • During Air.Ciel's 2nd visit choose "戦いを挑む" and win the fight.
    • if you are not able to win, Ciel will return every 3 turns, as long you did not visit Eifelia (Burnie) after Ciel's visit.
  • After entering a route, there will be 1 event and 2 battles, clear them and soon Air will join.
    • Losing the first battle means game over.
    • 2nd battle require you to defend Ciel for duration of the battle.
  • Air.Ciel Friendship - Ciel Lvl.34

Lanahime KingdomEdit

  • Enter into Hostle relation from Rumolune Dukedom event
  • After claiming 3 territory minus Rumolune territory:
    • Feruano visit, choose "隷属を許す", Lanahime enter servant relation
    • then with Riseru choose "仲間に引き込む", Feruano joins.
  • Feruano Friendship - Feruano Lvl.26 after claiming Lanhime Captial.
    • Furano Scene at Lvl.18, must happen before Lanahime rebels.
  • Claim Lanahime Captial, Rakurel join + friendship gain.
    • Rakurel request (require magic point 250+), after request Krais joins.
  • Lanahime Character Events - Krasi Lvl.34 and Rakurel Lvl.27

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