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Each squad consists of 1 leader and 0-9 subs. Each leader can use 3 types of formations - Running, Attack, Defense. Those formations provide helpful bonuses and should be changed depending on situation. When leader does not have enough subs to keep current formation squad will automatically switch to no formation status that does not provide any bonuses or penalties. Even if squad can't keep one formation (for example, Attack) it can still switch to his second type (Defensive) if he still has enough units. Different formations also provide different hit box and area of attack. Those should be checked on squad info page. Some formations lock squad in place when there is enemy hit box inside of current squad attack area. Other formations can move even though they have enemy in their attack area.

All percentage rounded down

Name Subs Specialization Attack Bonus Patk/Pdef/Pspd Matk/Mdef/Mspd MoveSpd Shape
無陣 0 Can't maintain can move --- --- --- --- Large Circle
移動陣形 1 Movement can move -15%/-10%/-1 -10%/-20%/-10% increase Tiny Circle
防御陣形 3 Defensive stops -10%/+50%/-1 -10%/+50%/-10% decrease Square
鉄壁陣形 3 Iron Defense stops -50%/+100%/-50% -50%/+100%/-50% large decrease Small Square
剣術陣形 4 Sword can move +10%/+5%/+5% - Circle
射撃陣形 3 Antiair stops Antiair -/-/+10% -/-/+10% Long Rectangle
槍術陣形 4 Spear can move +15%/-/- - decrease Tiny Sharp Triangle on Front
馬術陣形 4 Antiground can move Antiground +5%/-/- +5%/-/- increase Wide Rectangle on Front
魔術陣形 5 Magic stops -20%/-10%/-10% +20%/+10%/+10% Detached Circle on Front
格闘陣形 4 Melee can move +20%/+10%/+10% -20%/-10%/-10% Tiny Circle
斧術陣形 3 Axe can move +30%/-/-20% - decrease Wide Triangle
魔剣陣形 3 Versatile can move Antiground
+5%/-5%/- +5%/-5%/- Attached Circle on Front
魔射陣形 3 Versatile stops Antiair
+5%/-5%/- +5%/-5%/- Detached Small Wide Rectangle on Front
攻城陣形 5 Castle attack can move Against structures Atk, Def increased -10%/+20%/-10% -10%/+20%/-10% Wide Rectangle on Front
砲撃陣形 5 Bombardment stops Antiair +30%/-/-20% - Detached Wide Trapezoid on Front
覇王陣形 4 Strength can move +10%/+10%/+10% +10%/+10%/+10% decrease Sharp Triangle
獣狩陣形 3 Hunting can move +5%/-10%/+10% +5%/-10%/+10% increase Small Wide Trapezoid
狙撃陣形 3 Antiair stops Antiair -/-/-33% - large decrease Long Rectangle
強襲陣形 3 Antiground can move Antiground large - - decrease Small Sharp Triangle on Front
巧接陣形 0 Melee can move +10%/-/+10% +10%/-/+10% increase Small Circle
巧全陣形 0 Versatile can move +10%/+5%/- +10%/+5%/- Wide Triangle on Front
巧砲陣形 0 Longrange distance stops Antiair +5%/+15%/-20% +5%/+15%/-20% decrease Detached Wide Rectangle on Front