Various Churches vs Similar Production Buildings (Lv2)Edit

I pick level 2 production buildings since they gain +1 resource gathered, making them on par with churches.


Cost = (Building cost+material cost) + (upgrade cost+upgrade materials)

The Δ is calculated by Building - Church (technically it should be the other way around)

MK Church1

Quarry vs ガーベル教会Edit

Church Qaurry Δ
Cost 1500+1360=2860 (700+540)+(1400+1700)=4340 1480
Quality +0% +2% 2%
Income 0 60 60
Food -10 -25 -15
Environment +1 -2 -3

MK Church2

Lumbermill vs バリハルト教会Edit

Church Lumbermill Δ
Cost 1500+1200=2700 (600+640)+(1200+2900)=5340 2640
Quality +0% +6% 6%
Income 0 60 60
Food -10 -25 -15
Environment +1 -1 -2

MK Church3

Earth Extraction Pit vs イーリュン教会Edit

Church Earth Extration Pit Δ
Cost 1500+1000*=2500 (600+600)+(1200+2000)=4400 1900
Quality +0% +6% 6%
Income 0 60 60
Food -10 -25 -15
Environment +1 0 -1

  • Harden Clay (硬化粘土) x1 can only be gathered, and is moderately rare.

MK Church4

Farm vs セーナル教会Edit

Church Farm Δ
Cost 1500+1500=3000 (600+660)+(1200+1760)=4220 1220
Quality +0% +6% 6%
Income 0 -80 -80
Food -10 110 120
Environment +1 +3 2

MK Church5

Barn vs マーズテリア教会Edit

Church Barn Δ
Cost 1500+1000*=2500 (600+600)+(1200+1500)=3900 1400
Quality +0% +6% 6%
Income 0 -80 -80
Food -10 110 120
Environment +1 +2 -1

  • Gray Soil (グレイ土) x3 can only be gathered.  Although it is quite common and is accessible early on.


One interesting pattern is that the cost of a church is often similar to the cost of a building upgrade. Unfortunately, due to spacing issue, I do not see the point of using a church instead of an upgrade unless environment is an issue and you have a lot of spare room in that particular town.

On a short term basis, churchs may save you some funds, especially when it comes to mines where the +quality is neligible. However for other resources, the neligible savigs may not be worth the loss in qualify increase. Churches become truly economical when all the resources you are after are in the 100% zone (black letters).


A town produces Good Stones (100%, black letters), and two different crystals (50%, orange letters).

If we only care for Good Stones production, a church is more economical.  We can allow the crystals to be produced by RNG over time to satisfy our demands for it.

However, if it is the crystals we are after, it is best to build a good mix of quarries and mines.

Technically, if all the rarity of resources are figured out, there number of curches vs production building can be optimized.

A side effect of this calculation would be an analysis of the benefits of building farms and barns for item sales, which can be found here .

Also note that very early game, due to resources being available at the store, it may be more beneficial to simply invest into additional mercenary shops which generates a base income of +250 with no other costs.

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