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After clearing quest 601 Sentaku Revival (where you clear all rubble from the capital) building of brothel becomes available. Brothel provides several effects in this game:

  • 200 (+50 for each extra level) Capital and 1 (+1 for each extra level) Environment gain at the cost of 30 (+30 for each extra level) Food upkeep.
  • There are 5 different prostitutes (each one is unlocked when you level the building) that can join your army as generals after you visit them several times. After getting all 5 prostitutes owned of Brothel Lilietta becomes available for visiting.
  • The recruitable prostitutes are very expensive to get even if they dont require to pay a maintenance cost in money every turn. The first two Emily and Francesca are normal and can provide relatively high level commanders very early in the game. Mokuran's special attack have a low cost but low leadership. so it fight like a magic glass-cannon when troops and commanders die. Millianna is unique, a very fast human spy that can lead beastmen, it fight like a Neneka lite in stealth mode. Misty is weak due to a low leadership and have a skill that detect stealth units even if she is not deployed so it work like a very expensive portable watchtower.
  • Each girl you visit in Brothel gives you some item for each visit. After several visits cost to visit becomes 0, but girls stop giving gifts.
  • If you capture some generals they can be sent to work in brothel. It will be possible to visit them and get some items. They don't become available as generals after that.
  • In New Game+ if you level your Brothel to level 5 Lilietta joins your army as general.

Name English Cost  Time Gift English
エミリイ Emily 1500 2 騎士の盾 Knight's Shield
フランシスカ Franceska 3000 3 支配者の銅貨 Ruler's Copper Coin
モクラン Mokuran 5000 4 マリアハート Maria's Heart
ミリアーナ Mirianna 8000 5 支配者の金貨 Ruler's Gold Coin
ミスティ Misty 12000 5 万能紋章 Versatile Crest
リリエッタ Lilietta 20000 2 支配者の銀杖 Ruler's Silver Cane
ルイーネ Ruine 4000 8 天使の羽盾 Angel's Feather Shield
エルミナ Erumia 2500 6 マルウェンの指輪 Maruven Ring
パティルナ Patiruna 2000 7 勇者の腕輪 Hero's Bracelet
マルギレッタ Margiretta 2500 9 聖女の法衣 Holy Woman's Clothes
リ・アネス Ri Anesa 2500 7 勇者の鎧 Hero's Armor
アルフィミア Arfemia 2000 11 聖女の指輪 Holy Woman's Ring
ネネカ Neneka 4000 5 俊足靴 Swift Runner Shoes
エア・シアル Ea Shiaru 5000 13 領域の宝珠・六 Area Sacred Gem 6
コロナ Corona 3000 4 スノラ・六 Sonaru 6
エルファティシア Elfatishia 4000 4 ヒールリフィ Heal Riff