Lyrica Sourney
Japanese リリカ スルニー
Romanization ririka surunii
Lyrica profile
(c) Eushully
Race Human
Sex Female
Class Agent
Affiliation Toledo, Wasteland of Bees
World Dir Lifyna
Appeared in Meishyoku no Reiki

Lyrica is a slave to the sorceress Emilia, present ruler of the Wasteland of Bees.

After overthrowing the Kingdom of Toledo, Emilia placed a curse upon Lyrica, depriving her of the ability to speak. The curse will be lifted upon Emilia's death. Rather than send Lyrica into exile, the sorceress has instead chosen to keep her close at hand as a servant, enjoying her growing frustration as she searches fruitlessly for some way to kill her tormentor.

When Emilia pre-emptively declares war on Ignat, she first sends Lyrica to assassinate him, promising to release her from the curse should she succeed. Naturally, she has no intention of doing so, and fully expects Lyrica to be killed; instead, the demon takes her prisoner, and Emilia is shocked and furious to discover her still alive when she is herself captured later. While Lyrica by no means enjoys her new captivity, Ignat does allow her a measure of revenge on her enemy during their "training" sessions, providing her with some satisfaction.


In the most benign of Princess of Darkness' endings, Lyrica is able to lead a revolution and overthrow Emilia, regaining her voice in the process. She becomes Toledo's representative to Zef Grace to discuss the growing threat in the east.