Linsha Kaniran (former: Rinsha) is the innkeeper of the Bison's Hoof inn in the town of Milphe.


Rinsha is well-liked by her customers and takes Suri (and later, Saria) under her wing while Celica is away on his investigation. She is shown to be hardworking and honest, as despite having to take up odd jobs and even prostitute herself for the sake of her inn, she refuses Celica's advance payment of his room fee, and does not steal his dungeon treasure when cleaning his room while he is away.

One day while cleaning Suri's room, the seal on the Comb of Alaina Celica brought out from the Kadora Mine breaks, and Rinsha is possessed into trying to sacrifice herself to the dark god at a ruined house outside Milphe. Fortunately, Celica saves her before this happens.

When Celica and his entourage return to Milphe a few months later during the events of Battle Goddess 2, he learns that she's now engaged to be married. Rinsha, however, isn't letting this unexpected opportunity slip past; she visits Celica in his room (wearing her wedding dress, no less) for one last night together. She was shown smiling at her wedding at the end of Battle Goddess 2.


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