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General Info
Scenes are ordered from left to right then up and down.
1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9
10 11 12

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# Character Trigger Conditions
1 Suri Prelude: Automatic event - Ritual.
2 Suri Chapter 5: After unlocking Improve Room and town events
3 Suri Chapter 2 and onwards: After learning certain amount of shooting skills and after Metisana has been defeated once.
4 Suri Any Chapter: Return to town after Goddess Bar reaches 0.
5 Saria Chapter 5/6: After defeating Rudon.
6 Saria Chapter 5/6: Heart Event in Inn after previous scene.
7 Roka Chapter 5: After defeating Erumon (Chapter 5 Boss).
8 Roka Chapter 5: Heart Event in Inn after previous scene.
9 Roka Chapter 5: Heart Event in Inn after previous scene.
10 Roka Chapter 7: Heart Event in Inn after her second request(not quest).
11 Kuhn As early as Chapter 5: Complete her quest, then proceed with her events.
12 Linsha End of Chapter 4: 15 or more Merchant Guild(Red Point), Luu's event was not done or "Jewel" wasn't given to Linsha. didn't do "Linsha Request 2"(Need more clarification.)

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# Character Trigger Conditions
1 Rinsha Chapter 6: Get the cursed comb in B8. Proceed with the event and defeat the evil cult house.
2 Alicia Prelude: Choose to rescue her and simply proceed with the dungeon.
3 Alicia Chapter 5: Event takes place after her shop is opened. Previous event must be seen.
4 Caula Chapter 5 and onwards: After Dragon Slayer Side Event.
5 Caula Chapter 7 and onwards: Friendship event (Must have Patch 1.01). Previous event must be seen.
6 Lakche Chapter 2/3: Heart Event in town, after Lakche's rescue (1st playthrough, Goddess Gauge under 200 is need to trigger the rescue event).
7 Niu Chapter 3/4: Complete her quest 貢物. (Lakche rescue needed)
8 Lakche, Niu Chapter 5: Both previous two events are seen.
9 Revia Chapter 5: If she engages any monster fights in Chapter 2 or steps on any traps in Chapter 5.
10 Revia Chapter 8: Automatically triggers if the above event is seen.
11 Revia Chapter 9: Must see the event in Chapter 3 with Kachua.
12 Kachua Musk Guild(Blue Points) below 13 at the start of Chapter 4.

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# Character Trigger Conditions
1 Rewinia Priestess Chapter 3: Loot all chest in the Mirror Dungeon.
2 Latina Chapter 1: Defeat her.
3 Wendice Chapter 9: When she is defeated.
4 Lue Chapter 9: Complete her dream event in Chapter 4; Meruya is saved in Chapter 7.
5 Lue, Meruya Chapter 9: Triggers after previous scene is is seen.
6 Meruya Chapter 7: Triggers if you fail to save her.
7 Rikuaru Chapter 9: When she is defeated.
8 Ilzave Chapter 9: When she is defeated.
9 Metisana Chapter 2: Infiltrate her area and defeat her in B2.
10 Metisana Chapter 6: complete scene above and repeated town events are seen from Ch 3-5.
11 Liliem Chapter 3: Automatic Scene.
12 Liliem Chapter 3: Automatic Scene.

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# Character Trigger Conditions
1 Liliem Chapter 2: Automatic scene
2 Suri, Valefor Chapter 3: Heart Event within the Inn before entering the mirror dungeon
3 Valefor Chapter 4+: Triggers automatically
4 Irun Chapter 5+: Defeating her in the dungeon by choosing the last selection when she requests what you want
5 Lizaila Chapter 9: Triggers once she is defeated
6 Metisana, Liliem Chapter 6: Available once Metisana joins and Liliem recruited
7 Saria, Lizaila Chapter 9: Available once Rizaira joins
8 Rikuaru, Ilzave
Metisana, Liliem
Chapter 10: Available Heart Event once Rikuaru, Ilzave, Meti and Liliem Joins.
9 Reni Any Chapter: After spending more than 50k in her shop
10 Prostitute Chapter 4: Rakuche not saved in Chapter 2/3.


Character Condition
Ratina, Suri,
Valefor, Metisana
Clear AP Event: Require "NG+", Recruit Valefor (By witnessing events, don't skip them), Metisana. Clear Event in Chapter 6.