The Improve Room's concept is identical to Battle Goddess VERITA. There are two parts to the Improve Room: Improve Summoning Stones and Improve equipped items.


Requirements (Alicia's Shop needs to be opened)Edit

Prelude: Must choose to rescue Alicia regardless if she gets raped or not.

Chapter 4: Must complete quest 失われた物資 for either Yoruma or Rudon 

Chapter 5: Talk to Yoruma or Rudon depending on who you did the quest 失われた物資 for in Chapter 4. If it is Rudon, make sure you do this as the kidnapping event can be triggered by speaking to Saria. If it is for Yoruma and your Red House rating is low, this needs to be done in this chapter as he will no longer be in the game starting Chapter 6 and onwards.

Once Alicia's shop is opened, the skills will become available for Shuri. Once unlocked the icons will appear under Alicia's shop within the Town map.


Any item with upgrade slots can be improved. In order to improve the item, simply select the desired item, and the menu background will turn red. Any items that are selected, you will notice there is a bar on the right that can be filled up with increments. It can be 12, 25, 50, or 100, etc. In order for the item to be upgraded successfully, it needs to be filled up to 100; and each rank requires an additional 100 (i.e. Rank 2 requires 200, Rank 3 requires 300). The item that was used for the upgrade will be lost permanently.

Here is how it works, assuming we are upgrading a Rank D weapon.

  • Choosing one Rank E weapon will provide a 50% value (50/100). 
  • Choosing two Rank E Weapons to upgrade it will offer 100% value (100/100)
  • Choosing one Rank D weapon will provide a 100% value.(100/100)
  • Choosing one Rank C weapon will provide a 200% value. (200/100)

​Using another example: Rank C Weapon

  • Choosing one Rank E weapon will provide a 25% value (25/100)
  • Choosing one Rank D weapon will provide a 50% value.(50/100)
  • Choosing one Rank C weapon will provide a 100% value. (100/100)

Rank B-M items works using the same set of formula.

Summoning stone upgrade works a little differently where the upgrade requires certain type of stones. Each of these stones have their respective ranks. The upgrade formula functions the same way as equipped items.

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