• Suri must join your party.
  • Suri learns Alchemy (Costs 50 points) in the skill tree.
  • Optional, but strongly recommended: Suri should learn the ability to find raw materials on world maps. By learning this ability, there will be raw materials in fixed location within the world map, and they can be repeated permanently by heading to the town and back to the specific map. In order to learn this ability, Suri must learn 'Alchemy', and 'Shooting Techinque' (Lower left of her portrait). The finding raw material ability is the one on the top left of her portrait. All these abilities are also visible in the screenshot to the right. The picture on the right is during the Trial, but in the retail, it is different but still in the same position.

To learn Alchemy, you need to unlock the skill in Suri's skill tree shown in the image. It costs only 50 points to unlock. You can access Suri's Alchemy Room in the town map. This is only accessible from the inn in the town map.


Once unlocked, there will be a green icon with the word 'Unite' in the town map, and a cauldron icon will appear in one of the rooms inside the Inn and Alicia's shop. Alchemy is rather straight forward once the menu is opened.

When the desired item is selected, it lists the materials you have obtained in the box below and highlights the required materials and the required amount in the top right hand corner. Item synthesis simply requires the items and cost is not associated with it. This can be changed.

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