Kuroe is a dwarven warrior and member of Fino's exploration team.

The party first meets him when they're attacked by an overpowering demon within the Twisted Root. Just as it seems the deathblow is coming, Kuroe steps in to deflect it with his shield. After the battle, the group discovers that he actually lives in the Twisted Root himself. Fino is initially distrustful (or at the very least, doesn't like being shown up by the dwarf in battle), but soon comes to accept his presence. After some coaxing (and some offers of sake), Kuroe joins the team.

He originally came to the Twisted Root seeking revenge after his village was destroyed by demons. However, during years spent alone in the tunnels, he seems to have mellowed; his personality is quite relaxed and jovial. His one vice appears to be drinking sake, and he seems to have a weakness for flattery from attractive women.