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Workshop has four parts: store (place for selling items), room (place for learning new recipes and living), workplace (place for items creation), garden (place for rest). Each place has two common parameters (number of free slots for furniture and cost of upkeep for each day) and several unique.


If you leave someone to sell items, their figures will be displayed in this part of workshop. Placing furniture here helps improve your income.

店舗 (Store)

LV1 LV2 木製の商品棚 木製の武器立て 木製の受付
Free place 1 2
Upkeep cost 3 5
Number of sales 4 5 +2
Purchase desire 60% 70% +2%
Rate of coming to store 60% 70%
Price increase 100% 105% +2%

To set your characters as shop keepers you need to enter Items section and there will be two three buttons under the list of characters: Check status, Set as explorer, Set as shop keeper. Different characters perform differently in shop (Yuera is the worst, even worse than Ato - mud golem, so don't leave her in a shop). You can check how well character will perform in shop by checking his status screen (接客 - how good he is in serving his clients).

Default shopkeeper ユエラ エミリッタ セラヴァルウィ アト 水那
接客 10 4 42 26 12 16


Knowledge helps in unlocking new recipes (you need around 22 knowledge to unlock recipe 7-colored thread, that you will need for upgrading your clothes)

Number of shop keepers - maximum number of people you can leave in a store.

部屋 (Room) LV1 LV2 小さな本棚 硬いベッド 飾り刀
Free place 2 3
Upkeep cost 2 4
Knowledge (知識) 0 10 +4 +2
Number of shop keepers (店員数) 1 1 +1


工房 (Workplace) LV1 LV2 合成壺 作業台 素材箱Ⅰ 溶炉
Free place 1 3
Upkeep cost 2 4
Equipment (設備) 0 1 +1 +1 +2
Information (情報) 0 10 +2
Variation (変異) 100% 104% +5% +5%
  • Can't understand what these parameters influence. Maybe someone else will add more info.


It seems you will be able to open some event if you decorate your garden with good sense, but now there are only 2 items there (巨大豆の畑 and 地衣野菜の畑), that both raise by 2 in any combination.

庭園 (Garden)

LV1 LV2 巨大豆の畑 地衣野菜の畑
Free place 1 2
Upkeep cost 2 3
Sense (センス) 0 10 +2 +2