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This page will list some differences from trial version.

1. Loyalty parameter was removed in full version. According to information pages in trial there were some skills (cooperative attack or defense), that could trigger depending on the loyalty value. Now those skills just have a chance of activating and don't depend on any stats. Units were gaining loyalty when they were summoned to field, killing enemies, staying alive at the end of the battle. They were losing loyalty when killed, removed from battlefield, not entering the field during battle.

2. Hints were added showing the price of items that you create.

3. If you save right before level up, then reload the game if you don't like gained stats, you will get the same result. In trial you could have spammed save/load until you gained normal stat increases. Also, enemy drop items are different than in the trial.

4. Rare items gained as loot are displayed in gold window after killing an enemy.

5. Based on the 変異 stat in your workplace, there is a chance that you'll end up making a different item than the one you intended to make (even if you didn't have the recipes of the modified item). When that happens you will get additional popup window showing that you got something different from what you planned (usually of a higher quality). This can happen in bulks, i.e. if you tried to craft 3 items of the same type at once, all of them ended up becoming the modified item.

6. Level restriction was lifted (it was level 20 in trial)